Write for Everyone and You Write to NO ONE!

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You want to know the secret to effecting change with the written word?

Write to one person.

It’s that simple.

Write for everyone and you write to no one…

Blogging is not enough… The words you write in your blog or on social media or in your newsletter must deliver value first to drive engagement, subscriptions and conversions.

But the problem is so many of us write and write and write and write and write and nothing happens.  No one clicks the “Contact Us” button.  No one subscribes to our newsletter.  No one even bothers to leave a simple comment.

Write for everyone and you write to no one…

The problem is far to often (And I am infinitely guilty of this at times especially in the first year or so of this blog) we write to everyone.

business blogThis is akin to throwing your fishing line in the ocean and attempting to catch all the fish with just that one cast.

It’s silly to think we would have a chance to catch all the fish in the ocean with one cast, right?  It’s common sense, the ocean is so big, it’s just not possible.

I mean think about that.  Someone would have to be crazy to think that they could catch every single fish in the ocean with one cast of their fishing pole.

If you were watching someone try to do this you would think to yourself, “This guys had too much sun and too much beer and probably had a screw loose to begin with…”

And you would not be wrong.

But let’s look at this rationally.  Why is considering the possibility of catching all the fish in the ocean with one cast a ludicrous notion?

  1. The shear size and scope of the ocean make it impossible for every fish in the ocean to be aware our bait is in the water.
  2. Our bait would have to include so many different flavor variations to accommodate the particular tastes of each individual fish it would not include the exact flavor of any particular fish.
  3. Our bait would simply not be big enough to entice every fish.
  4. Some of the fish would be turned off by the feeding frenzy at our bait.
  5. Fish that were aware of our bait and enjoyed the taste of our bait would not be hungry at the time our bait was in the water.

Write for everyone and you write to no one…

After reviewing the reasons listed above, I think we can all agree that it is a ludicrous notion to believe that you can catch all the fish in the ocean with one cast.

So why do we try to do with with our writing?

  1. The Internet is HUGE, no one can their message to everyone.
  2. A little bit of solution for everyone means no awesome solution for anyone.
  3. There are going to be people with bigger issues than your solution.
  4. There will always be contrarians to every solution.
  5. Just because you have a solution doesn’t mean that everyone has a need.

Why do we write blog posts that attempt to attract as many people as possible?

Attracting as many people as possible should not be the goal of your writing, attracting the Important People should be.

The above example may be little “left-field-ish” but I’m hoping that a convoluted metaphor gets the point across.  When you write someone that you want people to take action on, write to one person.

When I write my insurance blog posts over at Murray Group.  I pick one very specific insured in my head and I answer the question that I think that person would want answered in the way I think will deliver the most value to them.

Do I think everyone cares what Uninsured Motorist coverage is? No way.  Do I think that someone you gets T-Boned by an uninsured driver cares what uninsured motorist coverage is?  Absolutely Yes!

Write for everyone and you write to no one…

This is a concept I am in no way a master of yet, but I’m getting better.  I created my SEO experiment to test this exact theory. Does a series of solution oriented blog posts that address one specific need, talk to one specific person, yield revenue producing results? We’ll find out…

For now I’d like you to try this.  The next blog post you write picture the person you are writing for sitting right in front of you.  Write as if you were talking to that person.  The things you would say in conversation say in your writing.

Then let me know if it works!

Discussion Topic: Has anyone practiced this type of writing before?  Do you find that readers are more engaged in the article if you speak to one specific person?  Am I full of crap?

Your thoughts are graciously appreciated!

Thank you.