Why the “Old Way” of Doing Business is a Myth

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New technology makes you uncomfortable.  First, talking through a computer is just weird.  Second, you have to know how to type or it takes a ridiculous amount of time.  Third, everything you say lasts forever in cyber-space whatever the hell that is…

business blog successI am seriously just consider for a second all the things you need to know about to be successful on the Internet:

You went to a presentation at the local chamber of commerce and a 30-year old kid was telling you the “Old Way” of doing business is a myth and you asked yourself, “When did the way I’ve always done business become the Old Way?”

Well, I’m that 30-year old and I’m here to answer your question.

The way you’ve always done business became the Old Way of doing business when you forgot (some would say conveniently forgot) to integrate the Internet into your business plan.  You, small business owner, don’t need to be an expert in concepts listed above to successfully harness the power of an Online presence.

You just need a little bit of vision and to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So what I’m saying here is all hope is not lost.  Watch this video and then I’ll explain.

I told you that all hope wasn’t lost for your Old Way of doing business.  Because it’s not.  You built your business on relationships and you know what my friend… The Internet is all about relationships!

Unfortunately this means that you are going to have to embrace the Internet.  That is going to be uncomfortable.  But like I said, get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  I don’t want you to think about the Internet like some scary monster that is going to overwhelm you.

See most of the successful concepts utilized on the Internet are the same successful business concepts you’ve used throughout your entire business life.

Concepts like:

We could go on and on, but the point is the Internet isn’t a different way of doing business, it’s a different way of communicating.

The Rub

In all honesty… and as you can see I’m not selling you anything here… It is my opinion that if you stick to the “Old Way” of communicating (i.e. making customers communicate on your terms not theirs) your business will decline over time and eventually fail.

That is a reality you will have to deal with.  Doing business in 2012 is not about what YOU want as a small business owner, it’s about what your CUSTOMERS want from your small business.

Marinate on that concept for a while and let me know how it tastes…

Thank you.

Ryan Hanley