Why Speaking Makes You a Better Speaker

I want to be a great speaker someday.

I want to be able to transfer my personal enthusiasm to a group of people.

I want to effect positive change in the  business and personal lives of the people I talk to.

Basically, I want to  kick-ass with a microphone in my hand…

But I’m not there yet.

Deliberate Practice

I first read about the idea of Deliberate Practice from Paul Wolfe of One Spoon at a Time.  I took what I learned from Paul and put together my thoughts in Why the First 9,999 Hours are the Most Important.  I’m not going to rehash all that content (but I encourage you to read both posts if you haven’t already).

The concept is simple, if you truly want to get better at something you have to practice with a plan.  Each step forward in your progress must be uncomfortable enough to make you better but not so difficult as you can’t advance.  You’re not just practicing to practice… There’s a plan… It’s deliberate… You get what I’m saying.

So how do you become a better public speaker?  Duh… You speak.

But you can’t just be speaking out loud to a mirror or to your spouse.  There needs to be repercussions, there needs to be an uncomfortable element to the process that forces you to become better at your doing.

In my case, to become a better public speaker I decided I needed to become comfortable with my voice, cadence, mannerisms and overall deliver as it was viewed by the audience.  Which meant every time I spoke in public I needed to record it.

This is why I jumped at the opportunity to become the Educational Coordinator in my local BNI Chapter.  Every week it is my responsible to share some sort of networking education with the group in a one to three minute presentation.   This responsibility forced me to create content that was interesting and fresh on a weekly basis in a way that didn’t put my fellow BNI members back to sleep (We meet at 730am every Wednesday).

What All This Means to You

So there is a very good chance that you don’t care about my personal goal of becoming a highly sought-after engaging dynamic kick-ass public speaker… actually there is probably a better than good chance.

What I want you to take away from my experience as Educational Coordinator of my BNI Chapter is that in order to get better at something you HAVE TO DO IT!

You want to get better at closing insurance sales… Set more appointments.

You want become a world famous opera singer… Sing more (And drink Olive Oil before you practice that’s supposed to help).

You want hit a Homerun in your softball league… Take more batting practice (I also highly recommend learning the weight transfer method of hitting).

You want type faster… practice typing.

You want to be great blogger… Write more!

We all have things in our lives that we want to be better at.  I can think of about thirty things I’d like to be better at (And I’m sure my wife could come up with a few more).  But far too often we don’t take the action necessary to get better.

I’d love to consistently hit a golf ball straight… Geez I’d take twice in a row and count that as a victory.  But I’ve never been willing to make the time to get better.  So I continue to stink.  I own it.  It’s not a priority.

Take Action

If there is something that you yearn to be successful at.  Whatever that thing is, personal, professional, spiritual doesn’t matter.  You have to practice.  You have to take action.  Become the better version of yourself that you want to be.

And wish you the best of luck.  Let me know if I can help.

My Videos

So these are the videos that I was referring to above in chronological order (Meaning the last one is the most recent). I hope you enjoy them and I always appreciate feedback.  I included them in this post mostly for your entertainment…

If you would like to discuss hiring me to speak to your group or organization you can Download my [download id=”4″] by clicking the link.

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Thank you.

written by: Ryan Hanley

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