Why Social Validation is the Most Important Aspect of Blogging

social validation

Last week I gave a presentation to the Women’s Council of Realtors titled “How To Turn Traffic to Leads Without the Fee.”

This was a group of mostly non-bloggers (I think only 2 out of 35 were currently blogging).  So my presentation was mostly geared around trying to show the group how a blog could be a valuable alternative to paying the high fees associated with Real Estate lead generation websites.

In talking to the organization’s president I found out that currently 50% of the home buyers in the market are Millenials.

So the question of the day was:

How does the real estate industry, which is dominated by professionals from the Baby Boomer and Generation X eras, communicate with buyers from the Millennial Generation?

After doing some market research on Real Estate Agencies in Upstate NY while preparing for the presentation, I couldn’t get past this one thought… Opportunity.

There is so much opportunity… BECAUSE NO ONE WAS BLOGGING!

Well I guess two people were, but their blogging was a little brochure based and 2 out of 35 is essentially no one.

The opportunity comes from the absence of this:

If you are looking to purchase a home in the eastern half of Upstate NY there isn’t one Online resource which explains the simplest (And to this real estate consumer the most obvious) real estate question:

How do I choose the right home?

But here is where things get good.

I really wanted to hammer home this point.  How could no one be answering this question Online?  But more importantly, if you are the person that does answer this question through your blog, you immediately become an expert in the eyes of anyone that reads that article and subsequently a valuable resource and sought-after professional in the market.

So I had this story.

Actually, it’s my personal story from a year ago when my wife and I bought a new home.

In the story I talk about how the Real Estate Agent I used was more thrust upon us by my Father-in-Law then we found her (She was absolutely excellent by-the-way, not knocking her it’s just the way it went down for us).

The crux of the story (without getting into too much detail) was that despite the fact she came highly recommended and seemed very knowledgeable, we went Online and checked everything she said.  We looked at 20 different websites for every house she recommended.  We fact-checked all the advice she gave.

Despite a great relationship with her and trusting her, we still needed to be reassured on what she was telling us.

This is called Social Validation.

And my point in telling the story was a blog allows you to create an information resource available 24 hours a day that validates everything you say in the real world.  A quality blog presence provides credibility and shows expertise to a Generation, my generation, the Millennials, that wants Online reassurance of what their being told in the real world.

Then the question came that I was waiting for:

“If they don’t believe in person, why would they believe me Online?”

(BTW when speaking to a live audience, questions are often what take a good message and make it Powerful!)

See this is what I wanted the audience to take away from my presentation… Just because they didn’t trust the Internet, just because they were uncomfortable blogging, just because they didn’t see the value in Online content

That Doesn’t Mean Their Clients and Prospects Don’t See the Value in Online Content.

It’s not about us.

It’s about our clients and prospects.

When I do business with someone I want to be able to go Online and learn more about them.  I want to get a feel for their expertise.  I want to see reviews of their work.  I want Social Validation that I am making the correct decision in doing business with this person.

The Rub

I created an Amazon Kindle version of my fantastic eBook [Update the Kindle version has since been removed but you can still get the eBook] to give readers a chance to publicly review my work and lend social validation to potential readers.

Just think, once you start blogging you will have an entire archive of articles that provide Social Validation to the work you do. Through consistency and patience you’ll start to develop a resource that attracts people to your business Online before they ever contact you.

These customers will have Social Validation for your before they do business with you, making your job as value creator easy and authority even stronger.  These customers won’t need to go back and check everything you say… Because they’ll have already bought into your expertise.

Thank you and good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley