Why No One Buys From You Online

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You speak in Terms of YOU instead of ME!

There it is, you seriously don’t have to read one more sentence if you don’t want to.

You want to know why no one buys from you?  Because all you talk about is YOU…

Your product.

Your experience.

Your education.

Your staff.

Your service.

Even your testimonials and recommendations talk about you.


What About Me?

There’s a possibility I might need to buy something from you, I mean, I know I have a need.

I have a problem, an issue, a concern…

But the truth is, as it is for most consumers, I really have two problems…

  1. My current problem and,
  2. Not knowing how or what solves my current problem.

There is always going to be a number one.  People will always have problems…

But what I shouldn’t have is a number two.

This is why you have a website.  This is why you spend time, money and effort on building a web presence.

Not because Internet Gurus tell you you’re supposed to.

Not to look cool…

Not to give you something to talk about at networking events.

Websites match Problems with Solutions!

No one buys from you Online because they don’t have any clue why they should.


It’s about ME stupid!


Here’s an example that will make more sense:

Calipers and Success Online

When I make a right turn with my car there is a squeaking noise.  An annoying, something is wrong, squeaking noise and as much as I hate to admit this… I’m a 21st Century Guy… Meaning when it comes to cars, I don’t know shit.

What I do know about cars is that they aren’t supposed to make an annoying squeaking sound every time I make a right turn.

My Me Problem = Right Turn Squeaky Noise

You do auto repair.

You have a wonderfully designed auto repair website with tons of pictures of broken cars, an excellent About Us page, an attractive contact form on your Contact Page, a map with Google directions, a marvelous font for your Products and Services page which outlines all the miraculous fixes you can do to a car.

So Why Does No One Buy From You Online?

Here’s why…

I have a problem and what do people do when they have problems?

That’s right… They Google.

So being a 21st Century Guy that doesn’t know anything about cars, I go to Google and type in, “Car squeaking when making right turn.”

I get thousands of results…

Do you know why no one buys from you Online?

Because you don’t show up in my search results.

If I had typed in “Worn Calipers” you would have been Page One… But how the heck am I, a 21st Century Guy, that doesn’t know anything about cars, supposed to know that the squeaking noise I hear when I make a right turn is the result of worn calipers?

How do you get people to buy from you Online?

You fill your website with ME information…  That solves ME problems… Using ME language and ME examples.


Because when I find the website that connects MY ME PROBLEMS with YOUR YOU SOLUTIONS…

Well… Then… I’m going BUY. BUY. BUY.

Which makes you HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY.

Get to work on ME!

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

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