Why I Publish My Best Content in a Newsletter


I have a newsletter.

The name of my newsletter is four words:

Motivation. Inspiration. Success. Online.

It’s Awesome.

If you subscribe to my newsletter you get my eBook the 10 Social Tools Essential to Business Blogging Success.

Which is also Awesome (Ego on this guy, right?).

Since I started blogging three years ago I’ve only really put any serious money into two features of my blog:

I was thinking about this other day… The amazing theme seems like a no-brainer, but why spend money every month on a newsletter service when my old one was free?

Because all my best content is delivered through the newsletter!

You mean you’ve been missing it all this time?

(Here’s another chance to subscribe to my newsletter)

When I came to this realization I felt a little better about my decision.

If I have a newsletter and it’s Awesome and it’s Awesome because it’s where I deliver the most Value… Then it only seems to make sense that I would pay for the best email autoresponder (Which as I’ve said before, I feel is Aweber).

 Yeah But Why?

Why do I publish all my best content in my newsletter… Simple.

The people that subscribe to my newsletter have made a commitment to me as content creator and I embrace the responsibility to deliver.

newsletter subscriberThese people have allowed me into their inbox.

They’ve given me permission to contact them directly.  That is a significant psychological jump in terms of building a relationship versus just surfing my blog.

We all get more email than we really want.  When someone signs up for my newsletter they are saying I’m worth the inbox space.  My content is worth the disruption from their normal email routine.

You have an obligation to your newsletter subscribers to Deliver Value on a consistent basis.

Web traffic comes and goes.  Someone may visit your site, enjoy the content and then not be back for a month.  How engaged is that reader?  Can you count on that person to take action when you need them to?

Newsletter subscribers get every message you send.  These people are invested in you and your content.  They trust you… They respect you… And because of that trust and respect newsletter subscribers deserve nothing but your best content and ideas and thoughts and recommendations…

The Rub

I want you to sign up for my newsletter because it’s Awesome.

But more importantly, I want you consider where your own best content goes.  What portion of your audience deserves your deepest thoughts, your most actionable advice?

To which segment of your audience will you deliver the most value?

It’s perfectly reasonable to believe that everyone shouldn’t have access to all your best content and if the price for your best content is an email address… well… That seems pretty cheap to me.

Thank you and Good luck!

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    • haha… Peggy I’m glad I was able to entice you.

      If you get the newsletter and have suggestions on how to improve I’m always looking for feedback!

      Have a great day

    • Gotcha… I agree. It was the tracking and Submission Forms that really sold me. It also has an amazing delivery rate because Aweber is so militant about Double-Opt-In…

  • Hi Ryan,

    I’m one of your subscribers and it’s remains a valuable step I took to jump on board. I can still vividly remember your letter on “Your Success” and “Inspiration”. I click your mails ;)

    To my knowledge, Aweber is ‘big brother’ but they have to deal with competition that’s becoming really solid in the industry. However, what were you using that’s free?
    A taste of Enstine Muki’s work: The Best wordpress SEO plugin ever

    • Enstine,

      First, thank you so much!

      Second, what do you mean Aweber is “Big Brother”? That’s an interesting comment and I’m interesting.

      I was using MailChimp.


      Ryan H.
      A taste of Ryan Hanley’s work: Blog For You