Why Following Your Favorite Blogger’s Formula Will NOT Lead to Success

favorite bloggers formula

I can’t give you the formula to success.

I can’t tell you what to say, write or create.

No one is going to hand you a script containing the exact words to attract your perfect audience, your perfect subscriber, your perfect customer.

You won’t find the script in any $99 PDF download.

You’re not going to find the script in a book or a newsletter or YouTube video.

There isn’t a content marketing, copywriting or storytelling professional on the web that can hand you the script for success.

Truthfully, I hope a script isn’t what you’re searching for… if it is, then you’re wasting a lot of time.

Stop searching for the script.

Scripts, formulas, and fool-proof strategies are dead. They don’t work. Not today. Maybe yesterday, but today, no.

Not because there is anything intrinsically wrong with scripts, formulas and fool-proof strategies, but rather the speed at which content mechanization techniques proliferate the web make impossible stand out. The Internet culture is too eager to curate and share successful ideas.

Techniques get played out faster everyday.

Look at what Tommy Walker is doing at Conversion XL with landing page optimization. There is ton of information backed up by a shit-ton of research proving the various ways to increase conversions based certain features of a landing page (seriously, it’s an amazing article you should read it).

And for as amazing and detailed and useful an article as Tommy’s is on landing page optimization there’s subtle underlying take-away never specifically mentioned…

You have to stand out.

Long-form, short-form, video, explainer, visual reinforcement… none of it matters if the audience the sales page is intended for never actually sees it or even worse see’s it and doesn’t care.

Scripts are bad.

The truth is scripts and formulas and fool-proof strategies are fine, until your audience realizes you’re using them and then they’re bad…

…because it shows a lack of originality, authenticity and true command for your business.

Think about your own experiences?

Once you know something is part of a systemized scheme you start to feel a little dirty and most likely hit the back button. There are two caveats which will allow you to look past the yucky feeling you get from this type of content:

1) If you need/want the product enough.

If your product is in enough demand, you can write your content on the wall in Monkey poo, take a picture of it, then post it on your blog and sales will come in.

2) If you trust the person selling the product enough.

If people love you, hanging on your every recommendation and product offering, then no matter how you display it sales will come in.

Here’s the deal, you don’t need to develop the next talking Elmo doll or spend 15 years building up unshakable customer loyalty to generate new leads from your content marketing.

Just do you.

You will stand out because of who you are and how your work makes people feel…

…not because of some long-form sales page script or systematized email campaign.

Embrace creativity.

Tell your story.

Educate your clients.

Help without expectation of reciprocation.

Be consistent.

This is how you stand out. These are the baser concepts on which you build your platform, creating inevitable differences between you, me and everyone else creating content to communicate, build relationships and ultimately influence the buying decisions of Connected Generation consumers.

A better way to read your favorite blogs.

Like many, I’m a huge James Altucher fan. The guy is just smart. Smarter than me for sure. Plus he’s been worn raw through years of failures and successes. Not to mention the complete lack of any outward similarity in our lives.

If I tried to mimic his mix of intelligence and self-deprecating humor I’d sound like a jackass.

James Altucher stands out because he’s true to today’s version of himself and he’s wildly popular for it.

…and so is Brent Kelly.

Brent is the founder of Empowering Sales and a Gitomer-certified sales trainer. Brent Kelly is NOT as popular as James Altucher with the masses, not yet at least, but he’s held in the same esteem to those who regularly read his work.

But if you try to emulate James or Brent or me or any other one of your favorite blogs you’ll certainly fail.

One person’s success is NOT gospel for the world.

Here is a better way to learn from your favorite blog:

Read everything, take what works for you, use it, and throw everything else in the garbage.

Take your favorite blog down off the pedestal and cherry pick the ideas that work for you.

That’s the secret. Cherry picking. Create some new concoction of awesomeness distilled from the best parts of your favorite 37 bloggers, photographers, journalists, video creators, talking heads, musicians, artists, CEOs, toll booth operators…

…whoever. Like Legos, you’re building the best version of yourself.

That’s why scripts don’t work.

Someone else’s words, someone else’s process, someone’s else’s formulas CANNOT be the best version of you.

My advice, if you care for it. Be frivolous at first. Cherry pick from everyone and anyone who lights you up. Steal like an Artist as Austin Kleon would say.

Over time, take notice of what feels right, of what your audience responds to and make the necessary adjustments.

Your content is a homebrew of exactly what you put in it.

Now start adding ingredients.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

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