Why Blog Contests are About Relationships and Not Traffic

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I recently entered my first Blog Contest.  I was asked to submit an entry by Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing.  Out of the hundred plus entries that Firepole received for their blog contest my article was selected as a top twenty finalist… A shock and an honor for sure.  But certainly an opportunity that I graciously appreciate and am excited for.

blog contestTo get the business end of this post out of the way,  in order to win this contest I need YOU to vote for me and I want to win.

To be completely honest and up-front, I want to win bad!  I’m new to the Marketing Blog game and feel this is opportunity to plant my flag in the ground.

But that can only happen if you enjoy my material and want to help me.  So this is what I need you to do.

Follow the link below.  Read my entry because I think you’ll find it fun and informative and then SHARE the post everywhere you can… Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon… And then leave a comment.  Take the extra couple seconds to let me know what you think of the post.

Here is my entry post:

Pulp-fiction Style Get Found Online Adrenaline Shot to the Heart of Your Small Business

For everyone that went over to my entry and voted… Thank you!  For everyone that didn’t SCREW Yo… kidding… I still love you.  But I would love you more if…

You can always share this post too…

Why Relationships Have More Value Than Traffic

So far this post as been all self-promotion and too a small extent I am sorry about that but I do really want to win this contest so if you feel like going back and voting for me some more I’m not against that.

blog contestHere is the deal.  When I got involved in this blog contest my original motivation was Traffic.

Firepole Marketing is a well respected website by Internet Marketers and I knew that by participating I would get an increase in traffic to my blog.  Which would in turn bring subscribers, which hopefully some day I could turn into customers in some shape form or fashion.

I think most bloggers get involved in blog contests for this exact reason.  Bloggers, by nature, want more traffic to their blog.  More traffic, if wielded properly can mean more authority, possibly more revenue and ultimately allows the blogger to work on larger projects like say a book or e-course or speaking events.

More traffic was my initial motivation.

As I’ve mentioned before, my post released today (click here to vote), but the contest has been going on for two weeks now.  Over the course of those two weeks I’ve been visiting the Firepole Marketing website every day to read the entries of my fellow contestants.  And like any good blogger I comment on what they write either by asking questions, because these people know their shit or adding my own experiences to the discussion.

From this I have created some relationships, in just two short weeks, that I am already very thankful for.  People that I would most likely not ever made the same level of connection with.

I consider these valuable relationships.  These bloggers/business people are going to help me become a better Marketer of my business and hopefully I will be able to help them as well.

The increase in traffic I get from the Firepole Marketing blog contest will be great but ultimately fleeting… The value I will take from this experience are the relationships I’ve formed and the resources I now have at my disposal to bounce ideas and questions off of.

The Rub

So I will leave you with this… Whether you are an experienced hardcore blogger or a newbie trying to get your business blog off the ground I encourage to participate in some blog contests.  The competitive nature of contests will force you to really step your game up and the relationships you make with your fellow contestants will help you become a better online business person.

And remember to visit my guest post at the Firepole Marketing Blog Contest.

Thank you and Good Luck!

written by: Ryan Hanley

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