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In this episode of the Content Warfare Podcast we’re joined by Donna Moritz, the founder of Socially Sorted.

I had a chance to experience Donna’s visual content marketing expertise at Social Media Marketing World 2015 after introducing her to the crowd.

She rocked the house (despite being the first presentation of the morning) and I knew we had to get her on the show.

My free video series can be found at  (that one IS a .com)


Here is the post that talks about the image size hacks we discussed at the start of the interview: 5 Social Media Size Hacks for Quick Visual Content 

This is a recent blog posts that shows people some jumping in points for getting started with visual content and it includes a “snackable” infographic like I mentioned: 9 Ways to Take Your Visual Content Up A Level

Here is the infographic about infographics – this infographic is still shared regularly more than 2 years afterwards (I forgot to mention that but for your own info – visual content has HUGE longevity – I am sure Peg Fitzpatrick talked about that): 7 Superpowers of a Knockout Infographic

7 Superpowers of a Knockout Infographic
Courtesy of:



Here’s the original infographic I did for Amy Porterfield: The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business

Here’s the one we did for Ian Cleary: A Productive Day in the Life of a Social Media Marketer

(for your info – Ian got to page 1 of google for a highly competitive term, Marketing Tools with this – it went like gangbusters)!

Here’s the infographic we did for Melonie Dodaro: How to Create a Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile


To search for the content being shared from your site to Pinterest (by fans!) enter:”” where you enter your own website (without the www’s).

For example, to search you would enter:
Search Donna’s site, you would enter:

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