The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to WordPress Plugins | #64 Content Warfare TV

ultimate bloggers guide to wordpress plugins
This quite possibly could be the MOST EPIC discussion on WordPress plugins that has ever take place in the history of the world in it happened right here on the Content Warfare Podcast.

There is one WordPress website for every 101 people in the world. WordPress has become the default platform for bloggers looking to share their message with the world.

In native form, WordPress is an amazingly powerful platform, but unless you’re a programmer willing to add functionality through hours of coding, the baseline WordPress install leaves most wanting more.

That’s what WordPress plugins are for. These “Packages” of code allow bloggers to quickly and easily add dynamic functionality taking their blogs to a whole nother level.

But for as much as we’d like to add every plugin imaginable, there are many pitfalls to plugins… Outdated code, poorly written code and even some spammy code.

Thankfully we have three WordPress masters, Denise Wakeman, Ian Cleary and Wade Harman to help Content Warfare Nation navigate the WordPress plugin waters.

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