Why Maxim has to Lie About Tucker Max to Get Attention | #136 CWP

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What is it that Buzzfeed understands, that Maxim does not?

According to three time New York Times bestselling author and this week’s guest on the Content Warfare Podcast, Tucker Max, the answer is: Attention.

More specifically, Buzzfeed understands that we can no longer dictate who or what gets attention. We must listen to our audience. We must let our audience guide the form and medium in which we create. Then create content which speaks to desires of that audience.

We know this.

The days of bait and switch headlines, and flimsy, shallow content are over.

No longer can media companies continue to hold the attention of their audience by dictating when, how and what that audience is able to consume.

So why does Maxim have to lie about Tucker Max to get attention?

In Tucker’s words, “Because they’re a ridiculous organization,” and continue practice old media tactics.

But you have to listen to get the whole story.

Here are few of the topics we discuss:

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