How To Triple Your Blog Comments Today


Yes, that’s right… You read the headline correctly.

Over the last three months I’ve Tripled the average number of comments received on each new blog post.

I’d like to think it’s because I’m producing amazing content and web visitors just can’t help themselves but get involved in the conversation!

Actually… I’m going to get a little arrogant for a second and proclaim I have been producing more provocative content lately… so Boom to me!

“Sometimes you got’a step your game up homey…”

However, great content might be the cornerstone of getting comments but isn’t always enough.

There are a few tricks that encourage comments and that’s what this post is all about…

Getting YOUR blog more comments TODAY!

And the Trick to Getting more Blog Comments is…

…there are actually THREE tricks:

1) Show Appreciation

I created a Thank You page for first time commentors…

It’s that simple… Show appreciation for people taking time out there day to add value to your blog.

Now what I really want you to do is comment below to see how the process works exactly.  However, some of you may have already commented before I created the Thank You page…

Soooo… Even though I really want you to comment and I hope you will anyway just to give me some feedback on the process and your thoughts on my Thank You page in general… I’ve included the link to my Thank You page below:

Thank You for Commenting!

We’ll just go on the honor system that you will leave a comment below to give me you feedback.  I trust you… We’re cool like that.

How to Build a Thank You Page

Building the Thank You page took two tools

I used Premise Landing Pages by Copyblogger to create a dedicated, stand alone page to thank every first time commentor to my site.  I wanted a stand alone page because it takes the Header and Sidebar distractions away so that my first-time commentors can focus on the message… Thank You!

Then I used Comment Redirect by Yoast plugin which does exactly what it says… This plugin redirects first time commentors to whatever page you like.  In this case my Thank You page.

Simple. Easy. Effective

2) CommentLuv

CommentLuv allows commentors to add a link to a recent post from their blog.  The CommentLuv plugin pulls the last 10 posts from the commentors RSS Feed and allows the commentor to choose whichever post they want.  See below…


This encourages engagement because now the commentor is getting a link back to their website.

Yes, you do get some spam comments, but the upside of additional comments is worth filtering through a few extra Spam comments.

For more on CommentLuv read my Guest Post:  How Cheapskates Build a Quality Comment System.

3) DoFollow Links

If you don’t know what DoFollow links are read DoFollow NoFollow Links to learn more.

Basically DoFollow links tell Google and other search engines to follow the link and apply ranking to the link site.  So I am giving some of my Search Engine ranking (which is PR4) to the website I link to.  It’s kind of SEO techy stuff but it is important.

Individuals that are familiar with DoFollow very much appreciate the Google Shout Out and tend to participate more on blogs with DoFollow links.

Using the CommentLuv plugin you can apply DoFollow to your comment links.

The Rub

I want more comments because comments help me to understand what my readers are thinking.  Comments help me shape my content so that it adds value to my readers… And if I’m off-base with something I’ve wrote readers comments will let me know.

Comments are a very important part of building a quality blog… So tripling my blog comments makes me very happy.

I think that you use these three tricks… Especially #1 and #2… You will see a drastic increase in the number of comments you get on your blog as well.  Which will ultimately help to deliver value, create relationships and become a success Online!!

Thank you and Good luck,

Ryan H.

Speak Your Mind: What do you do to encourage comments on your blog?

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