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How To Triple Your Blog Comments Today


Yes, that’s right… You read the headline correctly.

Over the last three months I’ve Tripled the average number of comments received on each new blog post.

I’d like to think it’s because I’m producing amazing content and web visitors just can’t help themselves but get involved in the conversation!

Actually… I’m going to get a little arrogant for a second and proclaim I have been producing more provocative content lately… so Boom to me!

“Sometimes you got’a step your game up homey…”

However, great content might be the cornerstone of getting comments but isn’t always enough.

There are a few tricks that encourage comments and that’s what this post is all about…

Getting YOUR blog more comments TODAY!

And the Trick to Getting more Blog Comments is…

…there are actually THREE tricks:

1) Show Appreciation

I created a Thank You page for first time commentors…

It’s that simple… Show appreciation for people taking time out there day to add value to your blog.

Now what I really want you to do is comment below to see how the process works exactly.  However, some of you may have already commented before I created the Thank You page…

Soooo… Even though I really want you to comment and I hope you will anyway just to give me some feedback on the process and your thoughts on my Thank You page in general… I’ve included the link to my Thank You page below:

Thank You for Commenting!

We’ll just go on the honor system that you will leave a comment below to give me you feedback.  I trust you… We’re cool like that.

How to Build a Thank You Page

Building the Thank You page took two tools

I used Premise Landing Pages by Copyblogger to create a dedicated, stand alone page to thank every first time commentor to my site.  I wanted a stand alone page because it takes the Header and Sidebar distractions away so that my first-time commentors can focus on the message… Thank You!

Then I used Comment Redirect by Yoast plugin which does exactly what it says… This plugin redirects first time commentors to whatever page you like.  In this case my Thank You page.

Simple. Easy. Effective

2) CommentLuv

CommentLuv allows commentors to add a link to a recent post from their blog.  The CommentLuv plugin pulls the last 10 posts from the commentors RSS Feed and allows the commentor to choose whichever post they want.  See below…


This encourages engagement because now the commentor is getting a link back to their website.

Yes, you do get some spam comments, but the upside of additional comments is worth filtering through a few extra Spam comments.

For more on CommentLuv read my Guest Post:  How Cheapskates Build a Quality Comment System.

3) DoFollow Links

If you don’t know what DoFollow links are read DoFollow NoFollow Links to learn more.

Basically DoFollow links tell Google and other search engines to follow the link and apply ranking to the link site.  So I am giving some of my Search Engine ranking (which is PR4) to the website I link to.  It’s kind of SEO techy stuff but it is important.

Individuals that are familiar with DoFollow very much appreciate the Google Shout Out and tend to participate more on blogs with DoFollow links.

Using the CommentLuv plugin you can apply DoFollow to your comment links.

The Rub

I want more comments because comments help me to understand what my readers are thinking.  Comments help me shape my content so that it adds value to my readers… And if I’m off-base with something I’ve wrote readers comments will let me know.

Comments are a very important part of building a quality blog… So tripling my blog comments makes me very happy.

I think that you use these three tricks… Especially #1 and #2… You will see a drastic increase in the number of comments you get on your blog as well.  Which will ultimately help to deliver value, create relationships and become a success Online!!

Thank you and Good luck,

Ryan H.

Speak Your Mind: What do you do to encourage comments on your blog?

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  • http://www.darcyandbrian.com Darcy

    I wanted the thank you page but didn’t know how to do just one for first timers. I’m afraid thanking each time is too much.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      Thank you! It’s great to connect with you. I’m so glad the material speaks to you.

      All the best,

      Ryan H.

  • http://easylistbuildingquickstarts.blogspot.com/ Son Nguyen

    There are a lot of things I must to learn! What’s about Blogspot, I can’t find any plugin like comment Luv in blogspot.
    Can you guess me some of quick wordpress course? I have to learn those tricks :)

  • http://www.aspire.org.ng Jovie Onyema

    generally, its the commentluv and do follow aspects that i think is really encouraging. its beneficial to both the “commentor” and “commentee”, if you get what i mean

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Absolutely Jovie… Thanks for stopping by!!

  • http://www.jamienorthrup.com Jamie Northrup

    I’m actually going to install commentluv in the coming week. I also like the idea of having a thank you page, I’ve seen a few of them around.

    Let me ask you a question about your thank you page, is there a reason you would want it to not match the design/look of the rest of your site? Is it converting more that way?

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      That’s a great question… And I guess I don’t have a real good answer for you. I use a Landing Page to make it stand out.

      As a user would you have preferred a page that matches the feel of the rest of the site?


      • http://www.jamienorthrup.com Jamie Northrup

        To be honest I personally would prefer it matches the site, I find it looks nicer, but not sure if it’s better or worse for converting visitors into subscribers, maybe you can test both options to compare the stats?

  • http://www.monkeymonitor.com Leonard Evenson@Employee Monitoring Software

    Great tips Ryan! These simple ways work really well in luring comments onto our sites. Commenting is only worth it for the reader if they know it would truly appear on the site, and if they also get something in return, like a bit of link-juice. It is also good when the reader sees that the owner of the blog engages in the conversation and answers most of the comments, especially those with a question. As I see, your tactics work well because your posts have lots of valuable comments with real content, and I hope mine will also make it among the other comments.
    Thanks and best wishes,

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      Thanks for your Comment. I definitely agree that when a blog owner follows up on comments there is always going to be so much more engagement. One people see it and want to be part of it. Two they come back for more.

      Really appreciate you stopping by.

      Ryan H.

  • http://outcareyourcompetition.com Jordan J. Caron


    Thanks for the detailed step by step setup for this. Getting comments can be tough but following these steps will help.

    I do notice that depending on your topic and audience, comments can be easier to get. Lots of blogs dedicated to blogging are far more likely to get comments compared to one on knitting.

    This is obviously because everyone reading the blog dedicated to blogging wants to comment and add to the conversation to build their blogs awareness. The blog about knitting caters mostly to people who don’t have a blog and those people are more likely to not leave a comment.

    Anyways I love the idea of a redirect to a thank you page and I will set this up right now! Redirecting to a thank you page for email subscription is another great way to personalize your site and to say thank you.


    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      I agree with you in part on blog Niche and commenting. Though blog about blogging may have an easier time soliciting comments… To a retail shop or a knitting blogs the comments they do get most likely will have a higher value applied to them.

      Comments on those blogs are going to be from consumers with real issues and your response can mean Serious Dollars in the form of expertise applied based on your response.

      Does that make sense?


  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

    Hi Adria… I’m honored you’d consider adding my Blog to your RSS.

    If you go to the bottom of the page there is a RSS Button in the “Let’s Connect” Section. Let me know if that works.


    Ryan H>

  • http://www.rjz.financialhelpcenters.com bob zimmerman

    You are amazing! How do you find the time to write insurance?

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Geez Bob Thank you…

      Other the years I’ve figured out how to create content very fast so that doesn’t take up so much time anymore. And I love writing so that helps.

      Have a great day.

  • http://aidacarbone.com/category/blog Sara

    I personally love the thank you message when I submit a comment; it makes me feels as if my opinion will actually be read. I also use CommentLuv. Thanks for the advice, hopefully more people will follow suit.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      That’s a great point. The thank you message is a good sign that the blog author is active and reading your comments!


  • http://www.yourlifetube.com/ Elena Anne

    Thanks for posting this Ryan, this is good advice.
    Now while I believe that showing appreciation is important and thoughtful, when I click on a button and then am sent off to another page, I tend to freak out more than just sit there and think “Aw, how nice!”.
    CommentLuv is also a good idea, plus it’s a safe check for yourself that you put your name, e-mail address, and website in right. And then people can look at the other peoples pages (try saying that five times fast).
    DoFollow is also a good idea, and you pretty much summed it up in your other page, so I wont repeat what was already said.
    Thanks again for posting!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      I had never thought of it that way… So really you don’t like the Thank You page idea?

      Thanks for your thoughts!!

  • http://www.musclebuildingover40.com kevin redman

    That is a good idea about a thank you page. I have just installed comment luv on my website. One question did you use the free one when you first started or did you go straight to the paid one

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Hi Kevin,

      Right now I have the Free version but soon I’m switching to the paid version. It is far superior and worth the price. There are so many features included that are awesome.


  • http://www.denisebutchko.com Denise Butchko

    Good tips and I didn’t know about before- thanks for the lesson!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      You’re very welcome Denise…

  • http://www.theredheadriter.com TheRedheadRiter

    If you install Comment Luv and then later decide to uninstall it, do you lose your comments?

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      CommentLuv is part of the native WordPress comment system so you do not lose any comments if you chose to uninstall later…


  • Mike Garner

    I guess it all comes down to customer service. Comments are great to have and I suppose if you have a load of them, you’re likely to get a load more.

    Treating commenters like customers is a great idea and I must steal it. I’m seeing a lot of things about Premise as well. I think I might have to give in and get it!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      You’re Love Premise… You can do some really cool stuff with it. There is a type of page that I really want to try but haven’t figured out a use for yet… It’s called a Share Page which allows you ask people to share the page either on Twitter or Facebook before they get to the content.

      If you had a Whitepaper or short eBook resource you wanted to give people it would be awesome.

      Let me know what you think Mike!!

      Ryan h.

  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


    You can also prompt people to take additional action like Subscribe to a Newsletter or purchase a product… or give someone a Freebie…


  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


    I couldn’t agree with you more… You have to have great content. Have to…


  • http://www.stevebaines.biz Steve Baines

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for all the great tips. I’ve noticed the dedicated thank you page on a few blogs I’ve commented on & wanted to incorporate it on my own blog, so I’m very glad I read your blog to figure out how to do it.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Steve… Comment Redirect is very easy to use and can really help with relationship building…

      Appreciate you stopping by!

  • http://travelwisconsin.us/ Kate Brown Wilson

    Hi there I am kind of new to your site, it seems that all you have written is very useful specially for newbie like me, it proves that once you own a site we must show a simple politeness and kindness. for many readers to visit your site daily.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      It’s amazing what manners can do to help build relationships…

      • http://travelwisconsin.us/ Kate Brown Wilson

        So true Ryan that in any business you have manners is so much important we shouldn’t forget about it. Thank you so much for your reply.

  • http://ryzeonline.com Jason “J-Ryze” Fonceca

    Well, I agree your content’s rockin’. And I agree comments serve some great purposes. And I agree your 3 methods are excellent and I use them all…

    …but I can not *believe* you didn’t mention Comment Tribes 😛

    Also, if you can get a commenter who’s a s***starter and thought-leader, they’ll provoke more conversation / discussion naturally. They’re very valuable.

    You can also educate your people on how to write powerful, impactful, valuable comments, like so: http://www.logallot.com/holy-grail-praise-worthy-comments-1/

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Haha… I’m actually working on an entire post about Comment Tribes and how at first I was very skeptical but now I absolutely LOVE!

      The group of bloggers we’ve formed is amazing and I look forward to reading everyone’s work every week.

      It’s only been a couple months and some fantastic relationships have started to form

      Thanks S@#$starter…

      • http://ryzeonline.com Jason “J-Ryze” Fonceca

        Heheh… love it dude, love it.

        I 100% agree about the tribes, we have great quality (props to Jeanne), and I think the hesitation comes from how it’s marketed.

        “Trade” comments? “Inorganic” traffic? Ew.

        But what if it was “A group of bloggers helping bloggers – building relationships and developing community together.”

        Easier sell, eh? :) Someone should tell Jeanne 😛

  • http://webincomejournal.com Chadrack

    Really great ideas. I’ve been using all of these for sometime now and I can vouch that they work great. Just want to add that you can take the idea of appreciating your readers a little further by adding a top commentator plugin or making a dedicated post at the end of the month to appreciate the top commentators.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Chadrack… I’ve been considering doing a re-cap post that lists top commentors…

      I’m trying to stay away from adding new plugins… But I’m always down to show appreciation.


      Ryan H.

  • http://www.nghenghiepviet.com/tim-viec/viec-lam-Hai-phong/28 viec lam hai phong

    Your idea is brilliant! I like the showing appreciation. It shows our respect and care to the commenters who help us expand our business.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Appreciation is very important to building relationships… Thank you!

  • http://evenminds.com Jason Anthony

    Who is that dashing fellow on Tip #2? Must be Burt Reynolds or something :)

    The best part about increasing the comments on your site is that you are increasing the engagement and feedback from your target audience. When you have a better understanding of where they are coming from, you can then tailor and tweak your posts and content to better suit them. Ex. I had a question from Tom Treanor in my comments section and my answer ended up being a whole post in itself. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Solid, as always, Ryan!-

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      I very appreciate you standing in as the Model for my post this week!

      I completely agree with your comments… Taking a look at what people are saying in comments is a huge part of developing content.


  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


    It’s the only way I can make sure I hit all my favorites throughout the week.

    Ryan H.

  • http://www.jackiepurnell.com Jackie

    Hey Ryan

    Comments are great feedback. I remember back (not that long ago really) when I felt like there were just crickets chirping. Those first few commenters make you feel like you’re not alone and someone is interested in what you have to say. Plus they give you some insight into who your audience is.

    I was running a plugin that sent an email out to first time commenters, but sadly it stopped working, so it seems the thank you page might be a great option.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      I like the Thank You page because it keeps people on the site longer. My Thank You Page is pretty simple but I think it gets the point across.

      Comments are such a huge part of successful blog… It also helps to make you a better blogger.


      Ryan H.

  • http://www.appsblogger.com/taking-chances/ Jeanne Pi

    I would also suggest installing the ReplyMe WordPress plugin. It sends an email to the comment writer when someone has replied to his/her comment. This helps to keep the conversation going and increase comment count.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      ReplyMe is a great plugin that I actually do use (as you’re probably seeing since I’m replying to you). What I like about ReplyMe is you can add extra information to every reply like eBook Link or a webpage you’d like people to visit.


  • http://www.rightmixmarketing.com Tom Treanor

    Ryan – great post! I’d been wondering about how to do the comment redirect. Thanks for explaining the set up and for the providing the great info!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      No doubt Tom… Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://goo.gl/1QAET Rizwan Sultan

    Hey Ryan,

    I agree that Dofollow and Comment luv helpful for getting traffic and comments but dealing that comment with proper appreciation I think best way to make permanent visitors.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Rizwan…

      What did you think of my Thank You Page?

      • http://goo.gl/1QAET Rizwan Sultan

        Your welcome Ryan your Thank you page is well organized simple but well organized.

  • http://luftig-warren.blogspot.com Brad E.

    Thanks for the tips, Ryan. I started our blog less than a couple months ago and am just starting to see consistent comments with our posts. I’m certainly not getting the response I’d like, but I know that it can be a slow battle sometimes before people start noticing you.

    I’m not up to par on my knowledge with Dofollow vs. Nofollow blogs. I’ve read a bit about the difference and see that there are positives and negatives to each. I’m currently on Blogger and looked into how to switch over to Dofollow, but we are actually in the process of migrating our website and blog over to Hubspot. Do you have any experience with them or their blogging platform?

    I’ve also found that an effective way of getting more comments is to actually comment on other blogs. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours…that kind of thing. It’s an interesting point you make in the comments here about posting comments and growing relationships where your potential clients are, not your competitors. I’ll keep that in mind.

    Thanks again.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Brad!

      If you want a great resource on Hubspot check out: http://www.thesaleslion.com/hubspot-vs-wordpress-review-compare/

      Marcus uses both Hubspot for his business and WordPress for this marketing blog.

      So he has a great feel for both.

      Commenting on other blogs is a fantastic way to start new relationships!


      Ryan H.

  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

    Thanks Michelle,

    It’s that last part that I selfishly really enjoy… Comments always helps me look at things a little different.

    Ryan H.

  • http://daily42.com Sylvia

    All the things you pointed on how to triple your blog comments per article are really true – Thanking your readers who leave comments, rewarding them by via commentluv, and allowing their links to be dofollow. Commenting is, for me, a way to open up communication in between bloggers and readers, and it makes a blog more interactive and friendly. Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Sylvia… I’ve started some really good relationships with other bloggers by simply commenting on their website and being involved in their content.

      I’m glad you stopped by!

  • Aaron Beaudette

    Great ideas Ryan…..simple manners and politeness will bring you far in life. Pay it forward ( if you saw the movie )! I myself am a bit intimidated by all of the plugins and add-onns required to be effective that I have yet to have enough content for my niche…..but soon.

    Keep up the good work.


    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      One post is enough content buddy!!!

      Just start writing and worry about plugins as you go and have a need.

      Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!

  • http://www.internetentrepreneurconnection.com Hector Avellaneda

    Hey Ryan – thanks for sharing this how you created the ‘Thank you page’ on your blog. This is something that I’ve actually been trying to do for sometime but I always end up working on something else and getting distracted, which really sucks because I appreciate my commentors (don’t think that’s a real word :) ) so much.

    Like you said, it let’s me know how they are feeling, what they think about my content (i.e. what they like, don’t like or what topics are more interesting) but most importantly I think showing appreciation to those who comment is likely to bring those people back to your blog and read any future content you may publish!

    Ah, man! I really need to get on this. Thanks for sharing the plug-in, too! I will definitely be levering it for my ‘Thank you Page’.

  • Brent Kelly

    Thanks for the tips. I never thought of #2 and #3. I am trying to go into blogs with similar content of mine and make sure I leave feedback and comments. I have not done a great job of this in the past and I know it is a great way to build relationships, learn from others, and create traffic to my site.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      Use the RSS system like Google Reader to keep track of your favorite blogs to comment on.

      Also I would consider posting comments and growing relationships where your potential Clients are not your competitors…


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