There is Always Another Way to Do Business

I want drop a very simple concept on you… Let it marinate:

“There is always another way to do business…”

Everyone who reads this will fall into one of three categories:

Let me explain the difference…

The Natural

For some of you this will seem like common sense… It’s probably a reason why you’re reading my blog.    You look at things differently than others… You have a natural inclination to test the status quo.

You’re a zealot… A true-believer…  An Entrepreneur in it’s purest form.

The Thinker

For others this is a concept you were introduced to with the widespread acceptance of the Internet.  You’ve began to see processes and strategies change and you’re becoming aware of possibilities that might not feel natural but do seem logical.  You take actions after dissecting every possible outcome…

You strategize… You plan… You maneuver… And you never make decisions based on trend.

The Non-Believer

The final batch of readers will see this concept as a challenge to their way of life.

You say things like “It’s always been done this way for a reason.”  You see the only way to increase revenue as working harder or spending more on Marketing. You don’t like “New” because new is different and scary and challenging…

The only time you Change is when change is forced upon you.

Another Way

The point here is not everyone is going to be willing to change.

One of my Goals in Life is help lead the Digital Marketing Revolution within the Insurance Industry.  I work very hard to help as many Agents and Agency Owners and Insurance Carriers as I can with their Digital Marketing.

I mostly do this through writing this blog, my newsletter (How-To Blog Your Business) and speaking to associations and industry groups.

What I’ve realized through this work is that I can’t help everyone… And I don’t mean because of the number of insurance professionals that inhabit the US.

I mean there are people (The Non-Believers) that DON”T WANT TO BE HELPED.

These people don’t want to believe that there is always another way to do business.  Business doesn’t evolve for these people, it just happens…

The Job of The Natural

The job of The Natural is not to convince The Non-Believer, but rather to guide The Thinker.

strategic advantageMy high school football coach used to say all the time, “Hanley! How many times to do you need to get hit in the face with a sack of shit before you realize it stinks?!”  In most cases he was referencing my utter disdain for dropping into pass coverage opting for the blitz.

I didn’t want to change and therefore I didn’t.

This is why it’s pointless for The Natural to attempt to convince The Non-Believer that there are other ways of doing business.

The Non-Believer doesn’t mind the shit sack in their face… They’re used to it and it feels comfortable.

The Job of The Natural is to guide The Thinker.  These are people that need just a little bit of a shove off the fence to get them going.  Often The Thinker once engaged can take the passion of The Natural and create even more amazing Success!

There is ALWAYS Another Way

There is a common colloquialism that I love and want to share with you:

“If You’re Not Moving Forward You’re Moving Backward…”

Here’s another one:

“A strategic advantage is only a strategic advantage for as long as it is…”

Do business. Grind. Work Hard. Make Money.

But keep you’re head up.  Technology has created a business culture of communication innovation.  This means your competitors are constantly finding new ways to interact with your clients that you are not.  So keep you’re eyes open and you’re head on swivel…

Going Ostrich is not a solution.

Opportunity lay wait for those that search.

The Rub

If you’re The Natural understand you’re place… Understand you mission.  The advancement of the movement.  Seek out The Thinker and find new awesome ways to achieve success.

If you’re The Thinker be open to the idea that progress and innovation are a possibility.  Utilize your calculating, logical mind to expand you’re business and achieve success.

If you’re The Non-Believer… Well… Good luck with the shit sack.

Success presents itself only when you are willing to be successful… So be aware that there is always another way to do business and embrace the search… Better yet embrace and support those who dedicate their lives to search…

…for we will NOT do business Tomorrow the way we did it today.

Good Luck and Thank You

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SPEAK YOUR MIND: Where do you place yourself in the Hierarchy I outlined above?  What do you see as your role or obligation within that Hierarchy?  Should you have a role or obligation?