The Referral Engine

Three weeks ago I was asked by small business marketing Rockstar, John Jantsch, creator of the Duct Tape Marketing website, author of the New York Times Bestselling Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide (Amazon Link) and all-around fantastic small business resource (kissing a little butt here) to review his newest book:

The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself (Amazon Link)

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of the review I must admit that I am a little biased.  Though I have never met John, I am an avid reader of this work (I subscribe to the RSS Feed), and think that his methodology is the Tips when it comes to marketing small business in today’s world.  So when the opportunity arose to review his newest book I jumped and was honored to be chosen (I think there were a lot of people chosen but it still felt good).

The Referral Engine, by John Jantsch

There are so many things I like about this book.  I could write more than you want to read, believe me.  To stay brief I will keep my review to reasons to Three.

First Reason: John does not spend the first nine chapters of the book telling you about what he is going tell you about in the tenth chapter.  As a reader you get right to work learning the psychology of referrals.  Once your learn why people want to give referrals you can build your business around that desire.

Second Reason: The Referral Engine helps you build a “real world” referral culture step-by-step in language that makes sense no matter what your industry, your generation, your business maturity.  The guide is not off-the-wall antics or gimmicks but rather tangible business applications that put you into a position to succeed (not without hard work but nothing great is).

Third Reason: John writes in a easy style that focuses on content and not on words.  The book is filled with Content not BS…  And is 100% relevant to today’s changing business world.

The Rub

If I were you, I would buy this book.  Because its not about Social Media, its not about getting back to old-school Business, its about understanding why people refer business to others and the things you can do to take Occasional to Every-day (and twice on Tuesdays… maybe… if your good).

BTW… I hate the word “Leads”

But I love the word “Referrals”

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley