The Professional’s Dilemma: To Engage in Social Media?

confused about social media

The more Social Media becomes mainstream the more it confuses the heck out of professionals.

To Engage in Social Media or Not to Engage

That is the question, correct?  That’s what all the Social Media gurus and marketing mavens write about in their blogs every day.  That’s why you get bombarded at networking events by former corporate IT professionals and marketing directors now doing their own “Consulting Thing.”

Professionals are unsure about whether or not taking time out of their day to engage in Social Media is a good idea.  There are so many questions with out definitive answers that even a mildly conservative person gets nervous:

  • What’s is the ROI?
  • An I exposing myself to Error’s and Omission’s claims?
  • Will offend potential clients with comments I make?
  • Could my time be better spent elsewhere?

These are just four of the many concerns I’m sure you have if you haven’t yet engaged in Social Media and the Internet.


When I talk about engaging in the Internet, I am not talking about having a Facebook page and website that you never update.  I’m talking about reaching out and communicating on a personal level with your clients and prospects.  Immersing yourself in what is going on in their life or business.

Engage in community discussions by creating Lists on Twitter of community members.

Involve yourself in Facebook page discussion of community organizations that effect your business.

My Reason for Social Media Engagement

I want my clients to know that I am involved in the community and that I am aware of the issues effecting their life.  If a client needs support with a charity or fundraiser and I have to means to help either monetarily or through promotion, I want to do that.

Obviously, I’m not a saint, my goal is always to make more money, but it doesn’t have to be about Me, Me, Me.  Social Media is about Us, Us, Us and how we help each other.

Remember that and go Engage…

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

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  • EricUngs

    I think engaging in the social space is a necessary action. Especially with the focus on local search. But the thing to keep in mind is not to bite off more than you can chew and it wont be an overnight success. Develop a plan of attack, which would include the platforms you choose (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Blog) and put all of your engaging energy into those platforms. I think by connecting yourself (your brand) with those who make up your community and client base shows that you simply care and that your human. It doesn’t always have to be about insurance, but at the same time put yourself in the light of being an expert (not salesman) in the type of insurance you provide. Be that go-to person.You need to create a share of voice.

    Thanks Ryan!

    • Ryan Hanley

      Eric, That is fantastic feedback thank you. I think you really hit the nail on the head. Having a plan of attack is crucial…

      Thanks Eric!

  • ferox

    Great post ryan. Thanks man. Its all about engagement thats what I find the most fun.

    • Ryan Hanley

      Thanks! How do you engage?

      • ferox

        we are trying two or 3 different ways right now. one way is making videos about our clients. -

        another are short vids that talk about our process and try to humanize the producers. -

        Our approach is more about showing what we have been doing in the local community.
        Our key slogan is – Dont say your different, Show your different.

        But its tough out there for an agent. :)

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