Why You Will Never be Successful Blogging


You will never be successful blogging because you care about…



…and strategies.

You will never be successful blogging because you haven’t prepared yourself…

…for success

…for the traffic plateau

…for burnout

…for the monotony

…for writer’s block.

You will never be successful blogging because you aren’t…

…asking questions that encourage comments

…making it easy for readers to share on social media

…prioritizing email subscriptions.

You will never be successful blogging because…

…you believe “going viral” will make you a success

…that blogging success happens in days or months rather than years or a lifetime

…you haven’t educated yourself in the mental game of blogging.

The mental game of blogging is what separates winners from losers | Click to Tweet

Prepare Yourself to be Successful Blogging

I know what you’re saying right now:

“Ryan, you talk about tips, tricks and strategies all the time, what’s this nonsense about?”

You’re right… I do talk about tips, tricks and strategies all the time.  I even started creating video tutorials and posting them on YouTube.  See one of my favorite tutorials below:

Tips, tricks and strategies are important…

…but like all things worth doing there is a mental side to the blogging game.

No Bullshit Guide to a Successful Blog

Those bloggers mentally prepared for the work it takes, no matter what their story, no matter what their niche, no matter what their ultimate goal…

…those are the bloggers that will find what they seek.

Being awesome helps… But it’s often not enough.

I created the No Bullshit Guide to a Successful Blog for one reason… To mentally prepare for the battle of becoming a successful blogger.

The No Bullshit Guide is FREE.

The No Bullshit Guide to a Successful Blog is free because all the tips and tricks and strategies that I talk about mean nothing if aren’t prepared mentally for the Content Warfare you will face as a blogger.

Successful Blogging is about Eyeballs

Content is King… sure.

But great content that no one sees is the Court Jester… Click to Tweet

Interesting to watch for a moment but deep down kinda sad and pathetic.

Tips, tricks and strategies will help get eyeballs on your content.

But things will happen… Things you don’t understand… Strategies that should have work won’t… These tricks won’t get traction…

That is when your mental game kicks in and if you’ve prepared yourself properly successful blogging  is just tweak away…

I want you to achieve the success you desire.

That is why the No Bullshit Guide is Free.

It will help you to prepare yourself by learning the stories of my personal journey (failures and success) building this blog and the blog of my small business.

No fluff… No hype… No hyperbole… No bullshit.

I wish you the best in journey to building a successful blog.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

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  • Ryan – LOVE IT! Thanks for cutting to the chase – no bullshit for sure! It is a mental game, and a tough one at that. Thanks for the BOOST! and thanks for the free guide buddy!!

  • Hey Ryan,

    You’re absolutely right. Everyone always talks about the tips and tricks of blogging. Very few ever talk about the mental strategy and the mental toughness you need to have when things don’t go your way. You have to be able to push through that. Successful bloggers make it look easy, but there’s no doubt that have gone through their fair share of trials and tribulations when things didn’t go exactly as planned.

    • DJ, Thanks for stopping by. You’re right that things go wrong all the time but keeping everything in perspective and making sure it gets fixed is very important.

      Ryan H.

  • Thanks for giving free ebook Ryan. What you have said is true. We should be mentally prepared for the blogging battle. No tips and tricks work if you are not mentally prepared. Its my first visit to your site and I am pretty much impressed with you.

  • Hi Ryan,
    I am new to blogging world and I have to learn alot things to become a successful blogger. I follow your strategies and find your all posts very informative for me. Thanks for the book.

  • Hey Ryan I was this guy when I first started, man! I thought that writing that one post or creating that one video that went viral was going to solve all my problems. I had the lottery mentality at times and I was not prepared with for the process. When I finally accepted that this entrepreneur thing is a process of transforming over time and is not an overnight deal, that’s when I really started to produce.

    Congrats on the book. Nice title! :)
    A taste of Hector Avellaneda’s work: My Sound Money Internet Business

    • Hector,

      Perfect comments buddy… When we start we all have “Going Viral” on the brain… I’ve never had a Viral article but over time my traffic has grown and engagement has grown and to certainly some level of success…

      Only the dedicated succeed in this game.


  • Agree to all extent ;)

    Blogging is a form of communication, but unlike other types of communication, blogging has lots more to it.

    Successful blogging is about having passion towards creating simply awesome content, delivering it in an awesome way and marketing it to your blogging followers with whom you have a great relationship.

    I have subscribed to the list (going to read the book soon). I will let you what I think of it (I have to say this to be committed to the reading :D).
    A taste of Jeevan Jacob John’s work: Facebook Interview Chat, Productivity Challenge and Podcasts!

  • Great post Ryan! You have to engage your readers/visitors for maximum exposure but the simplest trick is to provide valuable and quality thing, you need to be more honest and professional to build friendly relationship with your readers for successful blogging.
    A taste of Becca’s work: Conveyancing Williamstown