Success Online: Build the Mindset for Successful Online Business

success onlineStruggling to find success online?
The solution is simple... stop grasping at every new tactic the loudest "Guru" is shouting about today.
Tactics are the last piece of the puzzle, not the first.
I should know, I've made this mistake myself...

...I've downloaded every recommended plugin,

...changed Wordpress themes half a dozen times,

...and tried every lead capture trick or gimmick I could get my hands on.

But it wasn't until I started working on the mindset for successful online business that I began to move past tactics. Success online starts between the ears.
Don't believe me?
Here are two posts I've written for other sites that outline my personal journey to success online:

Here's the point... I've written a lot of posts on content marketing, google plus and SEO tactics, but it's the posts listed on this page, the posts dedicated to understanding what it takes to achieve success online that will make the most different. Enjoy.

The One Thing That Separates Online Success from Fantasy


We all fantasize about success. But what is it that separates those who are successful from everyone else? There are many paths to success. Could there be just one thing that separates success and not success? Maybe successful people... are they given more opportunity, are they gifted with skills at birth or, maybe they're just lucky. No. I don't believe any of these answer our question. Each of these feels more like an excuse for NOT achieving success than a reason for it. Where do you find the time? Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a guest on my good friend Josh Cary's webinar. During our conversation, ...

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Getting Stuck, Unstuck and Taking Your Turn

stuck untuck taking your turn

I took my turn. I wrote a book. I stayed up all night. I woke up early. I worked. I pushed. I grinded. I struggled. I fought. I finished. I shipped. Then I got stuck. Wait. That's not supposed to happen. I created the thing. I shipped the thing. Isn't this when all my wildest artistic dreams are supposed to come true? Writing the Content Warfare Book was the most difficult project I'd ever taken on. When I first began the journey, there was no way I could have fully grasped the enormity of self-publishing a book. However, on the last day of my book's crowdfunding campaign, when the little ...

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Why Trust Acquisition Should Be Your CMO’s Primary Job Function

trust acquisition

What functions do we typically see in a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) job description? Facilitate growth in sales, Increase brand awareness, Internal communications strategy and Increase revenue generation. Look at these job functions. What's missing here?  The customer. We can't approach digital marketing like traditional advertising. As Mitch Joel explains, we can't look to digital and online ads and expect the same result as we did in the Mad Men days when there were only three TV stations. The equation for sales in these days was simple, but it worked: Advertising = Sales As Seth Godin has said many ...

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Why the Be Everywhere Strategy is Destroying Your Business Online

be everywhere

Do you have a profile on every major social media network? Sure you do. You're "Doing" social media to grow your business and you've heard it's important to be on as many platforms as possible. Unfortunately this strategy, often referred to as "Be Everywhere," is not only destroying social media, but your business. An apocalyptic proclamation, no doubt. So let's dig deeper. Be Everywhere Are you active on every social media network on which you have a profile? Before we can sufficiently answer this question let's first define "Active." Using the search term, "Active Definition" Google's knowledge graph yields these four ...

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Blog More, Facebook Less and 7 More Trends from Social Media Marketing World 2014

blog more facebook less

My head is spinning. I'm sitting in the San Diego airport at 530am the morning after Social Media Marketing World 2014. It's not margaritas... but ideas. The ideas. Social Media Marketing Word was the first purely marketing conference I've ever attended. For a guy who's predominantly built his career thus far speaking at Insurance industry conferences, this was an idea exchange like I've never experienced before (not that I don't love insurance industry conferences, I do, it's just that most of the time the attendees look at me like I have a third arm coming out of my forehead when I start to geek out on digital ...

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Why Automation is Destroying Thought Leadership

thought leadership

Thought Leader - is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. ~ wikipedia I'm beginning to see a growing problem with online thought leaders.  It's an understandable problem, but toxic and stems from an unsolvable business issue. We humans do not scale. That's a fact. There is a finite amount of work we can accomplish in a day . No matter how much we burn the candle, regardless of what end we do so, there is simply no getting around it. There is not enough time in the day to get all things done, that need to get done. A common problem for bloggers and thought ...

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You HATE the Word Authenticity. You Must be Authentic.


You tell yourself you hate the word "Authentic" because it's been played out, used up and worn down by every business, every marketer and every salesperson who's ever given advice online... ...but deep down inside, you hate the word "Authentic" because you don't believe you currently are  authentic or worse that you are capable of every being authentic. You hate the word authentic because of your own insecurities. I should know, I used to deal with this anxiety every time I hit publish. "Is this article supporting my brand?" "Is my take on this topic unique?" "Oh god not another list post, is this really my best ...

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3 Lists of 3 Resources for Kick-Ass Marketing Advice

kick-ass marketing

I'm obsessed with marketing. I love everything about it. From the theories and tactics to the storytelling and being useful... marketing is cool as hell and I feel lucky to have finally found marketing as a career. Like any guy or gal who want's to be the best, I find it helpful to keep an eye on peeps spreading kick-ass marketing advice. Scott Stratton says, "Marketing is the business." If we want to become better at what we do, we must always surround ourselves with those pushing the envelope. If we aren't constantly changing the angle with which we look at our world, the view always be the same. Here are 3 ...

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Losing the Old Me

losing the old me

Sometimes I don't recognize myself. I don't recognize the voice, the words, the thoughts, the beliefs, the priorities, the goals... ...sometimes I don't remember who I used to be. I don't remember who I was before I started writing. Somewhere over the course of 276 blog posts, I became a writer. That's what I am today. I do many things... ...but what I am is a writer. I realized this two hours and fifteen minutes ago. Sitting in the shoulder press machine at the gym... Listing to Gala Darling chat with Srini Rao about her personal journey. I've never heard Gala speak before. I didn't know anything about ...

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Thinking Small: The Curse of Potential

thinking small

I used to think small. Growing up in a garage sale household, world domination wasn't a sought after goal. Not because it was impossible, but because it was inconceivable. No one had ever done it. Our neighborhood bread laborers and employees… Cogs in the machine. We may have had imagination, but not big goals because we simply didn't know what was possible. This isn't an indictment of my parents or New York public education or the University I attended. I didn't learn to think small from a book or experience or mentor... was my potential. Potential taught me to think small. I don't come from family money... but ...

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