Why Success in Social Media is Slow

Success in Social Media the Slow Way

Success in social media doesn’t happen overnight.

We don’t create a Twitter account and instantly gain 5,000 connections…

Success in Social Media the Slow WayIt’s not intuitive to put an “@” symbol before a friends name so you can give them props.  Nor do you necessarily understand the importance or significance of giving your friends props.

LinkedIn connections don’t just happen, you have to actually know people.

Google+ simply doesn’t make sense (at first)

…and don’t even get me started on Pinterest (I mean seriously what are you supposed to do with all those pictures?)

Understanding of these tools simply does NOT happen overnight…

If you’re reading this blog then based on my unscientific demographic analysis you most likely believe that social media is important to your business but still struggle with achieving some form of success…

…and it frustrates you!

Fear not…

…take a deep breath

…and realize that success in social media is slow.

“Ryan..WTF! I’m trying to run a business here…”

I know… I’m a marketing blogger and I’m writing an article that isn’t “Get Successful Quick“. (Does that mean I’m honest or a bad marketing blogger… probably both)

Believe the simple fact that your reading of this blog (and others such as traffic generation cafe, social mouths and Danny Brownmeans you’re on the path and success will happen.

Success in Social Media Takes Time

But you don’t have time for me to teach to you become a success in social media the SLOW WAY!

Leave if you want.

I understand.

No hard feelings…

You want results and you wanted them yesterday…

Except they didn’t happen yesterday.  Whatever you were doing yesterday didn’t work.  So now you’re reading this blog for a solution to your social media success problem that will work tomorrow.

But I am unfortunately going to disappoint you again.

Cast off the idea that success in social media can happen for you tomorrow! Click to Tweet

It can’t.

Even if you “Go Viral” it won’t.

Take Paul Wolfe, who to a certain extent already is a success, even he didn’t become a social media celebrity when his blog went Viral

Do me a favor…

Go dig a hole…

Now take the idea that one Viral article or one trick or strategy will change everything for you and throw it in the hole.

Now pour about a gallon of gasoline in that hole right on that idea… Light match… Drop in hole.

Why Can’t Success in Social Media Happen for You Tomorrow?

Let’s be honest…

…No one knows who the hell you are!

There’s the truth bomb.

How’s it taste? Bad… No shit.

It tastes bad… It hurts your ego… You don’t like it.  I get it.

I want to have the most dominant independent insurance agency web presence in the entire country… I don’t… some days it feels like I’m getting there but more often than not it doesn’t.

It tastes bad to not yet be the best.

I’ve been working at it everyday for 8 months.

And yes today after those 8 months I’m learning how to win, how to be a success online through social media and how to drive revenue.

But that’s 8 months of work.

Are you willing to put in 8 months before you start to see the fruits of your efforts?

Are you willing to answer every comment left on your blog?

Are you willing to respond to every @Reply on Twitter?

Are you willing to Thank every person that likes your articles on Facebook?

Are you willing to research every keyword phrase essential to targeted search traffic?

Are you willing to build relationships one by one by one by one and slowly increase your network?

No… you’re going to struggle my friend.

YES… Yes… yes… I applaud you.  You will find success… Because one relationship will lead to two and then to four and four relationships will turn into eight and then 16 and then 32…

…then you’ll start to forget what it was like to NOT be a success online.

Start with the Tools

It takes TIME to become a success Online, social media or otherwise, because you build your success through relationships one after another after another until EVERYONE know who you are and understands what you’re all about.

The Social Tools BookFirst and foremost you must have a functional knowledge of the social media tools you’ll be using.

To acquire a functional knowledge of social media tools:

  1. Read this blog religiously… by subscribing to updates.
  2. Buy the Social Tools Book (I wrote it so I obviously think it’s valuable)

And yes those are both my resources… Don’t care… I take a lot of pride in teaching social media tools (see example)

Once you have a functional knowledge of the social media tools you’d like to use it’s time start achieving success slow.

Whichever social media you decide to start with I recommend Google+.

Next week we’ll talk about HOW you become a success in Social Media slow…

Thank you and Good luck.

Ryan Hanley