Chris Brogan on Putting Success in Front of You | #40 Content Warfare Podcast

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chris broganIn episode #40, the one year anniversary of the Content Warfare Podcast, we’re joined by Chris Brogan from Human Business Works… a man I have much admiration for. Chris is a very successful speaker, author and consultant, having worked with or spoken to many of the most well known brands in the world.

But what has kept me coming back to his work over and over again is his newsletter. Personal… Honest… Direct… Chris has built a tribe of people dedicated to what he does through this newsletter. I feel like I’ve know him for years and this is first non-digital interaction we’ve ever had.

You’re going to love this episode.

When I reached out to Chris I had three main topics I’d hoped to discuss:

  • The idea of overnight success. Most specifically I was hoping he could address the actual work needed to reach our goals and some methods or thought processes that could help us reach our goals.
  • What does it mean to create a “Human” business? How do we create a human business in this new digital world where everything is automated and robotic?
  • How do we deal with being “Internet Famous?” Attention, criticism, copycats will all impact us in some way shape or form if we’re using the digital channel long enough.

I highly encourage you to pick up Chris’s books Trust Agents and The Impact Equation and then subscribe to his newsletter here. You will be very happy you did so. I promise.

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