If You Work in Insurance, This Should Be the Only Article You Read on the Future of Social Media

If You Work in Insurance, This Should Be

NOTICE: This post has been updated to reflect the insurance marketplace in 2015. I recently had the pleasure of attending a local lunch-and-learn presentation on the current state of insurance in relation to technology and how independent insurance agents will compete with direct writers in the future. The presentation was very well done and I took some excellent ideas away that I hope to implement in my work at Agency Nation. Presentations like these are type of collaborative discussions that our industry needs more of in order to be successful in the future business world. After the presentation I went back to my office but ...

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5 Reasons Pressgram Makes it Easy to Delete Instagram

pressgram wide

Intriguing, emotional, relatable images are a content marketers most powerful tool. Why do you think Facebook paid all that money for Instagram. Whoever owns the images on the web yields significant influence in the advertising and content marketing world. Which is great for Facebook and Instagram... ...but what about me and you? What about the marketers and business owners creating images and sharing them through Instagram? What do we get? Well, since the terms and conditions of Instagram state that we don't own the images, all we get are "Likes" and maybe a little brand equity. Screw that! If I take the images, I ...

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9 Ways Real Business Can Leverage Twitter’s Vine Video Platform to Tell Their Story

vine video

The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do. ~Thomas Jefferson Can you tell a story in six seconds? That's what Twitter's Vine video platform forces us to do. We have six seconds to capture video on our iPhone or Android that we can then easily share on Twitter and Facebook. Though at first I viewed Vine as kinda cheesy and pointless, I've dug deeper into the platform and believe that Vine could be a powerful tool for marketing to the Connected Generation. Many marketers are calling Vine the Video Instagram. I think there's a correlation for sure, but Instagram is missing one key ...

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Social Media as a Tool for Marketing to the Connected Generation

social media connected generation

Rapid growth of the Connected Generation is fueling an economy of socially mature consumers. Gone are the days of simply "Doing" social media. The Connected Generation consumer demands not just a presence on social media networks but a willingness and ability to build relationships and deliver business products. When marketing to the Connected Generation, consumer age doesn't matter. Neither do gender, race, creed, sex or sexual orientation... You either communicate, build relationships and ultimately make buying decisions based on digital and social media or you do not. The following Slideshare presentation {view on ...

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Will Twitter Cards Make Facebook Obsolete?

twitter cards

What is the biggest drawback to Twitter?   No rich media, right? We can't view images, videos or slideshows, nor can we listen to a podcast. We can only share links that send people someplace else outside of Twitter. This why we use Facebook. Facebook is where people share pictures of the family and vacation and what they're eating for dinner. Facebook is our chronicle of the human experience. But Facebook is also a huge pain in the ass. They are constantly changing the rules, adjusting the user experience and dumping more advertisements into our News Feed that we didn't ask for. Not to mention our privacy is constantly ...

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Quora: Forging Online Authority One Answer at a Time


I'm an unabashed fan of Quora. I love it. It's actually less love and more addiction... The great thing about this addiction is instead of ending up at an intervention, I'm growing blog traffic and Online authority (I believe Online authority exists). According to Quora's website: Quora's mission is to share and grow the world's knowledge. Quora is your best source of knowledge. Ask any question, get real answers from people with first hand experience, and blog about what you know. Is Quora really the "best" source of knowledge? Probably not. Is Quora a pretty darn good source of intriguing questions and ...

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3 Step Process to Making Money from Facebook

make money from facebook

Making money from Facebook can be as frustrating as watching the Buffalo Bills establish their ground game... ...if you're using the random post method of content marketing. You're familiar with the random post method content marketing strategy, right? In the small business world I'd say the random post method of content marketing is by far the most commonly utilized process for keeping a Facebook page "active." It look something like this... Step 1 - Don't take the time to plan because you're "too busy" Step 2 - Neglect the Facebook page one day longer than you "should have" Step 3 - Freak out because you have no ...

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What if Social Media was Easy?

Social Media is Easy

What if I told you social media is easy? Would you believe me? Seriously though... What if social media was easy? What would you do differently? Because it's hard to be a success at social media in reality... right? Only those super famous marketing bloggers can really be a success at social media.  Maybe mega-corporations too...  They can throw tons of money at the process. So that's the excuse you use right now... ...you don't have the time. ...there are too many different social media networks. ...you weren't an early adopter. ...you don't really like the internet. ...there's no way good way to track ...

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How to Create Free Blog Graphics in Less Than 3 Minutes

Free Blog Graphics in Less Than 3 Minutes

Adding a visual component to your blog posts is very important.  Actually very important is an gross understatement... Adding a visual component to your blog posts is an absolute MUST HAVE. Seth Godin can go text only... You and I cannot (at least not yet). Images lend character, personality and tone to a blog post that text alone cannot. But finding free blog graphics and images can be a pain in the ass... ...and I'm sure as heck not paying stock image prices every time I want to publish a new post. So what do we do? We scrape the Internet using Google Images or Flickr or some other service to find an image or ...

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Why Success in Social Media is Slow

Success in Social Media the Slow Way

Success in social media doesn't happen overnight. We don't create a Twitter account and instantly gain 5,000 connections... It's not intuitive to put an "@" symbol before a friends name so you can give them props.  Nor do you necessarily understand the importance or significance of giving your friends props. LinkedIn connections don't just happen, you have to actually know people. Google+ simply doesn't make sense (at first)... ...and don't even get me started on Pinterest (I mean seriously what are you supposed to do with all those pictures?) Understanding of these tools simply does NOT happen overnight... If ...

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