Why Success in Social Media is Slow

Success in Social Media the Slow Way

Success in social media doesn’t happen overnight. We don’t create a Twitter account and instantly gain 5,000 connections… and don’t even get me started on Pinterest.

The Social Media Reciprocity Strategy to Traffic Growth

Just Be Awesome Social Media

I know your guilty little pleasure is counting every single Fan, Follower and Connection you accumulate on social media…

…so today I’m going to give you the absolute, sure-fire, without-a-doubt, guaranteed to work strategy for growing your social media community and driving more traffic to your website.

Make Time For Social Media or Else…

make time for social media

The Internet… Digital marketing… Social media… At minimum a newsletter… Need to become part of your marketing process. These are all mechanisms to Deliver Value, Build Relationships and Make More Money, all good things, all things worth Making Time For.

On Social Media and Revolution

On Social Media and Revolution

I believe social media, and the concepts and culture around social media that impact the way businesses communicate with consumers, to be a Revolution.

How to Harness the Power of the Facebook Share Button

facebook share button

The Facebook Share Button and Like Button have completely different authority within Facebook. You want your blog readers to Share your content… A simple Like though nice and better than nothing does NOT amplify your message within Facebook.