On Social Media and Revolution

social media and revolution

I got’s to talk… I gotta tell what I feel… I gotta talk about my life as I see it…” ~ The Notorious B.I.G.

I believe social media, and the concepts and culture surrounding social media which impact the way businesses communicate with consumers, to be a revolution.

On Social Media and RevolutionOn July 4th, 1776, America went Gangster (using the nomenclature of my generation) and 56 men with big brass balls changed the course of the world…

To honor these men and our country and to constantly remind myself of what is possible, I keep a copy of the Declaration of Independence on my office wall.

A Social Media Revolution in Communication

See to me… and maybe you… Social media may seem like a no-brainer for our business. Social media is simply the natural course of communication evolution.

But to that other guy over there… That perfectly normal looking guy… Well to him social media is an insurrection.  An upheaval of common decency and order in the world of business communication. And every believer in social media, a usurper.

This is the Defender of “The Way It’s Always Been Done.” (This is especially true in my industry… The Insurance Industry)

UPDATE: This post was first written in 2012. At that time the independent insurance industry as a whole (similar to many traditionally successful industries) was reluctant to expand their marketing efforts into the digital world. I’m happy to announce this trend is rapidly changing.

I believe this person to be wrong.

However, we can’t simply proclaim these Defenders of the status quo wrong. Instead we must help them to find their own unique way to embrace digital marketing.

Social Media is not a revolution in small business culture.  

This the dividing line in the social media debate.  The unspoken truth for Defenders of “The Way it’s Always Been Done” is their belief that social media will bastardize their culture.

Social media is not a revolt against small business culture, it’s a revolution in communication.

This is my mission:

I will do this by writing and speaking.

No Revolution in Doubt

We all have moments of doubt… Moments of hesitation… Moments where our soul wants to move forward but our brain simply says “NO!”

If I told you that I struggle with doubt every day… Would you believe me?

I see the opportunity.

I see the opportunity and the thought taking action sends electricity down my spine, the hair raises on my arms and my heart begins to beat rapidly.  Action means putting our name on the line. Action can have consequences.

I want the opportunity.

I want the opportunity so bad I can taste it.  Like sitting on a 2-0 Show-Me fastball (baseball reference). We‘ve put in the hard work to capitalize on the moment.  But we’re not alone in our want of opportunity. Competition abounds.

I take the opportunity.

I take the opportunity because only action yields results. Because if you feel froggy, you gotta leap…

We’re  stone-cold content creating Gangsters who lives our message everyday.

But what will people think?  

How will we answer the questions?  

What if our work isn’t good enough?  

What if we don’t connect?  

What if our ideas are too small?  

What if our expectations are too great?  

What if there is a better product available?  

What if the community rejects my ideas?

What if we fail?

I have a framed replica copy of the Declaration of Independence hanging on the wall in my office.

It is in these moments, when I slip into doubt and let “What If” enter my mind that I swivel my chair to the right and allow the power of that document to sink into my psyche.

In the case of our founding fathers I think the “What If” was a little more dire.

It serves to reason that with consequences far less great than those experienced during the founding our nation… We are capable of conquering our “What If.”

So What If we fail?social media revolution

What if I fail…

Screw failing… What If I Succeed?

What if I help a thousand or a hundred or even one small business to take their unique message of value and relationship to the Internet giving that business a more secure foothold in the fight against their Big Box competitors.

What if my words tip the scales of doubt in the minds of my insurance brothers and sisters finally banding us together in embrace of the tools that technology has given to TAKE BACK MARKET SHARE from direct writers.

What if…

The Rub

Doubt keeps us from taking action.

Doubt allows “What If” into our minds.

Doubt will always exist… Always… It’s how we choose to handle doubt that allows for the success of our own personal communication revolution.

What if we didn’t allow doubt to impact our lives and simply took action where action was needed?

What kind of world would that be?

What great things would be accomplished ?

Marinate on that question for a minute… Then give me your thoughts on Social Media and Revolution below in the comments.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.