How To Get Found in the Social Media Madness

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Social media is crazy right now.  There is simply so much content out on the Internet.

Articles, tweets, updates, posts, Diggs, Pins, pictures, Stumbles, videos, slideshows, etc…

We are creating absurd amounts of content.

It’s madness the rate at which we’re creating content.  We all want to have the article that “Goes Viral” and attracts thousands of page views in a day, making our blog instantly famous and our business a over-night success.

But how does our little article get found through all the clutter?

When Google produces it’s list of results, how do we get that web-searcher to click our article and not the article above or below ours?

Well it’s actually pretty simple… Your title has to Kick-Ass!

Your post title needs to be enticing… It needs to be sexy… It needs to be engaging… Your post title needs to promise a valuable solution to the question asked.

Many social Gurus or Rockstars call this “Clickable” (Damn I hate social media buzz terms).

What they mean is the title of your blog post has to irresistible to click.

Because the title is what draws people to blog.

Think about it.  The majority of search results and social sharing is done in the format of Title – Link.  The title of your post is the only piece of information a potential reader has to determine whether they should follow that link or not.

People will ignore boring and/or general post titles for as long as they can.  They will try every interesting or focused post title first.

I’m definitely beating up this topic a bit now but I want you get this thought process clear in your head:

If you can’t come up with a post title that gets me excited to read your content, then why wouldn’t I assume your blog post is anything other than boring crap?

Huge generalization… I know.  But it’s true and this is why:


There is so much crappy content out on the Inter-Web.  There is so much content in general but a lot of that content just flat out sucks.

To get found you have make your Awesome content stand out from the crappy tired content.

The Internet is about solutions, no doubt, but not just any solutions.  The Internet is about focused, interesting, funny, personal, educational, sexy solutions…

I’m not going to go through the common “Here is how you write a Title” list.  That has been done a thousand times by bloggers better than myself.

If you’re looking to for that check out this: 9 Proven Headline Formulas by Copyblogger.  This is the best resource I know of and one I continue to go back to just to refresh the post title writing portion of my brain.

“Ryan, this post isn’t really a How-To?”

Yes, it is.  It’s a Wake-Your-Ass-Up-and-Realize-Post-Titles-are-Important How-To!

Without going into the technical aspects of SEO, you get found on the Internet by being Interesting and Adding Value.

It’s that simple.

I mean, c’mon now… I hope you’re starting to realize there isn’t a magic silver Internet bullet that makes your blog a success.

Getting found Online takes Consistency and Patience. It takes focus and dedication.  It takes determination and personality.

It’s not easy.

I don’t have the magic silver get-found bullet for social media success and if I did do you think I’d give it away for free?

(I guess I basically do since The Social Tools Book is only $7.99)

However, if there was a magic silver get-found bullet for social media success a very important part would writing an excellent post title.

The Rub

So how do you get found in the social media madness?

Understand that simply producing content is not good enough.  Your post title has to be interesting, it has to be valuable and it has to be… uggggg… Clickable.

From now on do this little exercise before you hit the Publish button on a new post:

Would you click that title?

If the title of your article came up in a Google search would it catch your eye?

Yes… Hit Publish.

No… Don’t Hit Publish and get more creative.

Good luck!

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.