What if Social Media was Easy?

Social Media is Easy

What if I told you social media is easy?

Would you believe me?

Social Media is EasySeriously though… What if social media was easy?

What would you do differently?

Because it’s hard to be a success at social media in reality… right?

Only those super famous marketing bloggers can really be a success at social media.  Maybe mega-corporations too…  They can throw tons of money at the process.

So that’s the excuse you use right now…

…you don’t have the time.

…there are too many different social media networks.

…you weren’t an early adopter.

…you don’t really like the internet.

…there’s no way good way to track ROI.

…you don’t have the money to throw at social media.

Social media is hard…


So you keep doing the things you’ve always done…

…or you hire a 22 year-old because every member of Generation Y is a social media genius.

…or your pay some Guru a ridiculous amount of money because every business needs their own App.

…or you add social media to already too long list of things your receptionist is supposed to be doing every day.

And nothing happens.

The truth is social media is easy

… yet no one believes me (or very few do anyway).

But see there in lies the opportunity.

The lack of widespread understanding and acceptance of social media is the opportunity of our small business lifetimes.

Social media is easy because all social media is about is being present.  Like a Chamber or Networking Event…

Just show up, talk to a couple people, ask questions, give feedback, share stories and experiences then whip out the pictures of your dog/kids and BOOM you’ve got a new friend.

Friends do business with friends.

We agree on that right?

But doesn’t that seem really easy?  And it makes sense too.

That’s all social media is…

Social media is about relationship building.

Let me say that again in bold text.

Social media is about relationship building.

But sssshhhhhh… Don’t tell anyone.  All your competitors think it’s this really complex, scary thing.

Which is awesome for YOU!

How to Take Advantage

Go now and be present on social media.


First do a little real world networking by calling family, friends, relatives, but most importantly clients and find out which social media networks they use the most.

(i.e. You sell women’s handbags and you’re not on Pinterest.  Use the social networks that your customers use)

Second pick one, two, at the most three social networks and completely fill out the profiles.  Make the profiles nice, this is very important.

Now go and be present.

Like people’s posts, comment on shared stories, add your own stories, thoughts and experiences.

Be part of the community!

A social media community, yes, which is NO different than any other community of people you have ever been a part of.

It’s not too late…

Shit, if anything it’s still early.

But the social media opportunity lies in ACTION!  Click to Tweet

Take action today!

If you’d like to learn more about social media before you take action (or while you are taking action) Click Here to purchase The Social Tools Book in PDF or on Amazon.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

SPEAK YOUR MIND: What action will you take to capitalize on the social media opportunity?!

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