SEO: Organic Search Engine Marketing

SEOStruggling to capture enough search engine traffic?
Is your website built for both SEO and human optimization?
Is your website consistently impacted by Search Engine updates?
You need Update Proof SEO.
Simple, but effective SEO strategies designed to withstand any search engine update. We don't need to live in fear of what the next Google update is going to do to our rankings... traffic... but most importantly our revenue.
We follow a couple very easy rules and we NEVER break them:

    1. No black hat link buying, link farming or any other non-organic link building.

    3. Consistently create high value, long-form content.

    5. Keep site structure flat and shallow.

    7. Keep internal linking to target keywords/topics consistent to pillar posts.

    9. Use Google Plus as much as possible.

That's it.
I know there's more to SEO than these five rules. If you're an SEO expert, than there's more to SEO than these five rules. But if you're a marketer or business owner, this is all you need.
The posts below are small pieces of the puzzle. Keep SEO simple, and grow your business.