The Secret to Success Online Lies With A.B.T.


In earnest there are many secrets to success Online.

But the secret I’m about to reveal is truly one of the most powerful actions you can take to increase the success of your Online presence.

What’s the catch?

Why haven’t you heard of this secret before?

Why aren’t you performing this Online success secret right now?

Well that’s easy… Because it takes work.

Success Online takes hard work and most of you aren’t willing to make the time necessary to be successful.

Watch this video and then we’ll move on….

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How Bad Do You Want It from Greyskale Multimedia LLC on Vimeo.

If you don’t get jacked up watching this video than you need to check your pulse…

Please don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way.

The statement above is not an indictment of you as a professional or business person… It is simply the reality of what is currently taking place in the Online small business world today (It is my hope that this blog and other like it will change this trend). 

If you want to put in the time and effort or you care to learn now what you hope to implement later… Please keep reading.

The Secret to Success Online

The secret to success Online (really for life)… The truth that will push you past the frustrating stagnation that has ruined of so many well-intentioned digital marketing campaigns is… Testing.

The secret to success Online is testing everything you do.

Here’s why…

When you first decide you want to take your business Online everything is exciting.

Your first blog post…

Your first tweet…

Your first follower…

Your first Facebook fan…

Your first email subscriber…

Every little action feels like a victory.  Your gaining momentum and traction and success seems inevitable… mere days away.

But success is always and never a day away… Click to Tweet

So You Must Always Be Testing

A.B.T. – Always Be Testing

Early victories will lose their luster.  Obtaining your 75th Facebook fan is not as exciting as your 1st and as you grow your traffic, fans, followers and subscribers it will also be harder to come by new traffic, fans, followers and subscribers.

You’ll use up your natural market…

…and you’ll begin to experience failure.

But my friends…

Failure is only Failure if we allow it to be.


Failure is only failure if you have no idea why you failed.


If failure is the result of testing you can adjust, compensate and respond… and fail less often.



If you’re testing… Failure is a good thing.  Failure while testing allows you to learn what not to do.

When you’re testing… Failure is Winning.

Example of Testing

 Hello Bar Subscribe Test #1

My Hello Bar

Hello Bar Subscribe Test #2

My Hello Bar #2

For of those of you that haven’t heard of Hello Bar it’s the drop down that you see at the top of the page which allows you to direct visitors to a link and includes a customizable Call-to-Action.

Right now I am testing the Call-to-Action you see above.

I’ve used the Hello Bar a couple of different times throughout the history of this blog… But moving forward I want it serve as a primary Call-to-Action tool.

Being that I’m neither a Genius nor overly Lucky the only way I can figure how best to utilize this tool is to Test.

Hello Bar Results

Two weeks ago I used the Hello Bar to direct visitors to my Facebook Fan Page.  I had very simple wording and button that read “Like on Facebook.”  I got pretty decent results I thought… 10 new Likes and a slightly less than 1% click through rate.

Always Be TestingBut a good friend of mine, Peter Sandeen of Simply Effective Marketing gave me some advice… Peter informed me that where the Hello Bar is placed is Prime Website Real Estate and the Call-to-Action I used there should be stronger…

So I decided to use the Hello Bar space to ask for Email Subscribers.

The Examples you see above are the tests I’m currently running.  Some of you will see #1 and others #2 and over time I’ll be able to determine which is more effective.

Then I can change the less effective one and test a new version…

Through this process I’ll be able to create (hopefully, if I’m not full of crap) the most effective ask for the Hello Bar and subsequently add a greater percentage of my web traffic to my subscriber list.

The Rub

The truth is testing never really ends…

There is no MOST effective version of your Call-to-Action.  One version may be more effective than another at a given time but things always change, there always a better ways to phrase something.

And everyone is effected by a Call-to-Action differently…

So success Online… The SECRET to success Online is Always Be Testing… A.B.T…

…and Working Hard.

Thank you and Good luck

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

SPEAK YOUR MIND: How has testing effected your Digital Marketing campaigns?  What tools do you use to test your website, email or social media performance?

The Secret to Success Online Lies With A.B.T. by

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  • Thanks John!

    I really appreciate you taking the time to add your thoughts… And completely agree with on the Mindset change. It is a huge mindset. It’s the mindset change.

    It’s the more than two potential outcomes mindset change and those who embrace testing will see success or at least a greater possibility of success.

    Thank you,

    Ryan H.

  • So… the message is… “Always Be” what, again?


    About this:
    “Being that I’m neither a Genius nor overly Lucky the only way I can figure how best to utilize this tool is to Test.”

    Technically, I’m what society considers a ‘genius’, but 8 failed businesses has me testing like a boss, and even creating info-graphics about How To Learn through experimentation :)

    In fact, I think it’s a great companion to your ABT, because the reason people DON’T test, usually comes down to some mindsets and attitudes that f*** them up, clarified here –

    Either way, great stuff Ryan, and I’ve used the Hello Bar twice, and neither time did it do much for me. Might be time for me to…


    it again :)
    A taste of Jason “J-Ryze” Fonceca’s work: 151 Canada Day Tribute Links [Chopped & Screwed Remix]

    • J-Ryze,

      I had a feeling you’d be all over this…

      Experimentation is one of my favorite things to do… in life… How do you know if you don’t try?

      Fear bro… It’s fear that paralyzes from testing and experimentation… And maybe a little laziness.


      Ryan H.

  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the mention :) I actually see a call to action to connect on Google+, I guess you’re testing that too.

    Can’t get the idea of wanting to succeed as much as to breathe out of my head. Every once in awhile I come across a saying that just seems right. And that one does.

    You’ve been changing a lot about your site, and I really think you’re going to the right direction. Have you seen a change in results?

    • Peter,

      That is a great line… Gets me so jacked-up.

      Slowly but surely I’m making a lot of changes we discussed.

      Very happy with the way that things are coming along.

      Thanks again!!

      Ryan H.

  • Hi Ryan,

    Why is it that people say they have fail or say “I carnt make money” without properly testing variations and seeing if it yields better results. Either way everything we do, should be tested and then re-tested again in the future. as you say things are always changing so, must we.
    A taste of Simmeon’s work: CommentLuv or Hate?

    • Simmeon,

      I’m right there with you my friend… How do you know if something truly works or not if it’s not tested? You can’t…

      Appreciate you thoughts!

      Ryan H.

  • Excellent advice, and thanks for sharing your results, Ryan!

    “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe – then you will be successful”

    Wow, thats a powerful statement. I know from personal experience I’ve been willing to give up A LOT (sleep included) for success.