Scribe Content Marketing: Taking Inbound Marketing from Project to Process

scribe content marketing

Content marketing has always been and will always be the keystone to a successful inbound marketing strategy

scribe content marketingContent marketing is the tool with which we tell our business story and become the competition.

When content marketing fails it is most often due to a lack of…


…persistence and


Our content marketing strategy is built on a series of projects.

Take a second and think about it.

  1. You come up with a great idea.
  2. You figure out what it’s going to take to implement that great idea
  3. You prepare your great idea.
  4. You launch your great idea.
  5. Your great idea generates connections, traffic, revenue or it doesn’t.
  6. You stop.

Now you need to come up with a new idea…

This is project-based inbound marketing and it doesn’t work.

Project-based inbound marketing doesn’t work because it’s not building towards a greater goal.

Your work today isn’t building off your work yesterday.


Your goal is to rank for a particular keyword, like say in my insurance business a good keyword might be,NY home insurance.”

But if I just write one article using the terms “NY home insurance”, even using proper SEO techniques, then don’t do the residual work over time to maintain that keyword strength then really I’ve done nothing…

Maybe my post on “NY home insurance” gets to the first page of Google for a day or two…

…but that’s it.

Project-based content marketing drives results… no doubt… but the results fleeting.

The results are fleeting because the subsequent work, the subsequent projects don’t support the previous project.

Scribe Creates Process-based Content Marketing

I was caught in this cycle.

My 100 Days SEO Experiment was a huge success for our insurance agency, but that success tapered off.

There are definitely still a few articles that still attract consistent traffic a year later.  But to be completely honest with you, that is pure luck of hitting on a couple long-tail phrases that few businesses work on.
Scribe: More Traffic in Less Time
I wasn’t working within a strategy…

There was no consistent, long-term process around the keywords and phrases that we were attacking.

Scribe Content Marketing has changed that for me and my insurance business.

What the hell is Scribe?

Scribe Content Marketing Software

Scribe 4.0 brings you a battle-tested content marketing process with an integrated, holistic approach to online marketing that maximizes your return on investment. {read more}

Basically Scribe is piece of software that you add to your WordPress blog which through the expertise of Brian Clark and the Copyblogger Media team guides you through creating an site wide content marketing strategy.

It’s that last bit that really got me…

See you might create a piece of content and think you’ve optimized that blog post for a particular keyword.  What Scribe does is analyze your new post and determine:

  1. If you’ve actually optimized the post for that keyword or if you’ve actually optimized for a different word/phrase unintentionally (you’d be surprised how often this happens),
  2. How well you’ve optimized the post for the keyword.

But here’s the kicker…

Scribe also gives you a site wide grade for that particular keyword which dynamically adjusts with every new post you create.

That was the piece missing for me from free tools such as Yoast’s SEO for WordPress.


Going back to our original example of the keyword, “NY home insurance,” when I wrote my first post using Scribe for this keyword I couldn’t believe how poorly our site was optimized for the term…

Our Scribe Grade was in the high 40’s… Not good.

But now after five additional posts wrapped around this keyword phrase our Grade is in the 60’s.  Still room for improvement for sure but the grading system has helped me focus on better optimized content around the keyword phrases that matter to my business.

Now every piece of content we create is part of a content marketing process geared towards revenue generating keywords.

Yes we still have projects, but the projects build off each other, telling Google exactly what terms our site should rank for.

Scribe: More Traffic in Less Time

The Rub

What I truly want you to take away from this post is the idea of moving away from project-based content marketing and replacing it with a process-based content marketing strategy.

I firmly believe in the Scribe Content Marketing tool because I feel it focuses you on the long-term and shows progress with every post you create.

That being said I definitely think you can achieve this without Scribe.  Use Yoast’s SEO for WordPress plugin and an Excel Spreadsheet to track keywords over time.

Maybe look into a tool like SEOmoz.

Either way, start working towards a content marketing process… and if decide Scribe is NOT for you, at least check the free Scribe Content Library.  There are four absolutely awesome eBooks you can download for free, no strings, that will help guide you to process-based content marketing.

{disclosure: I subscribed to the Scribe Content Library and that is what got me hooked on the tool and what ultimately drove me to purchase.  My belief in the product caused me to become affiliate, which means if you purchase Scribe through any of the links in this article I do receive compensation}

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

SPEAK YOU MIND: Do you have any experience with Scribe? What other methods would you recommend for creating a process-based content marketing strategy?

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