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About Ryan Hanley

Ryan Hanley

In title, this page is supposed to be about me.

I’m supposed to tell you all the awesome things I’ve done and use those accomplishments to get you to subscribe to my email list, listen to my podcast and hire me to speak at your next event.

But there’s a problem. You don’t care about what I’ve done. Nor should you. So let’s make this quick and easy…

My name is Ryan Hanley and I help brands and businesses find their audience, tell their story and win the battle for attention online.

What does that actually mean? I help you create content that converts. Here’s the deal… more than 95% of what I create is free.

So you should only be here if you WANT to be here, if my thoughts and ideas help YOU! To make things easier, let’s describe who shouldn’t be here.

You should leave now if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or instant results. You’re going to HATE me if that is your mindset.
  • You want someone to do the work for you. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing, it simply isn’t what we’re talking about here. I help businesses willing to create from within their own staff.
  • You’re not yet convinced content marketing can help grow your business. I’m officially NOT in the convincing business. If you need to be convinced I’m not a good fit.
  • You’re afraid to have an opinion. I’m going to have an opinion on how things should be done and I EXPECT to hear from you. No wishy-washy bullshit here.
  • You’re not willing to try new things. Content marketing is changing, literally, every day. My guidance is going to require you to be malleable and adaptable to the constantly moving obstacles to our success.

If you don’t like these you won’t like me.

The Content Warfare Book

Content Warfare bookThere is a battle taking place online every day. It’s not a fight for the fate of the world… just the future of your business. A battle fought with content. A battle far too many businesses are losing.

This is Content Warfare. We’re here to win the battle for attention.

Content Warfare is a work in defiance of mediocre content marketing

Grab your copy of my new book: Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online.

Take Content Warfare for a Test Drive

Try a few of these articles out. If you don’t connect with them it’s an indicator we’re not a good fit. You have your own tastes and I have my own style… it’s all good, no worries, we can still be friends. Content Marketing

Creativity, Inspiration, Storytelling

If You’re Still Here…

Awesome. I’m excited. Seriously. I love what I do. I love helping people create content that grows their business. I love connecting with people who see themselves as artists even if their “art” is creating excel spreadsheets or answering the phone. I encourage you to connect on my favorite platform…

Home of the Content Warfare Podcast

content warfare podcastA cornerstone of my content creation on a weekly basis is the Content Warfare Podcast {click here to view past episodes}.

As the mission of this blog is to Win the Battle for Attention Online, the Content Warfare Podcast allows me to dig deeper into strategies, concepts, ideas and tactics to attracting attention.

I also get to pick the brain the most awesome minds in business, art and digital marketing for how they attract attention. I encourage you to subscribe via:

More about this blog

I created this blog in March 2009 as both a resource and a testing ground for marketing my insurance business Online. Back then, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, however, I was thoroughly convinced that content marketing was vital to the future success of our insurance agency… Well, after three years, over 350 blog posts and over 117 new insurance clients (through our Agency website) I’ve gotten the hang of content marketing and now use this blog tell anyone who wants to know exactly how I’ve grown my business through content marketing.

Ways we can work together

There are two ways for us to work together. The first as a speaker at your next event. I share experiences, stories, case studies and expertise on inbound, content and social media marketing success.

Why should you hire me? I give a damn about the value your audience receives. Visit my Speaking Page to learn more about having me speak at your next event or organizational meeting.

Ryan’s ability to engage the audience made the whole event that much better.”   ~ Nicole L, Albany Ad Club

The second way we can work together is through mentorship.

I’m not a consultant. I mentor artists, marketers and business owners in finding their audience, telling their story and winning the battle for attention online (to grow their business).

This process starts with a Content Strategy Optimization Session. If you like more details contact me here.

Our relationship grows from there. If you’ve made it here, than we’ll most likely get along swimmingly. I very much look forward to getting to know you better…

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

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