Real Evidence Google+ Business Pages Work and 5 Actions You Must Take Every Day [Video]

google plus business pages

google plus business pages

Google Plus Business Pages get a bad rap. For many marketers, even those who believe in Google Plus, business pages are an afterthought. Most marketers spend their time building their own personal brand and promoting their website and/or content using their personal profile.

I’m no different. This is exactly what I’ve done for the last year and half.

That is until December 23rd, of 2013. Three weeks ago I decided to dive into The Murray Group’s Google Plus Business Page and see if I could recreate the same explosive growth I’ve seen in my personal profile and this website using G+ with our TMG business page.

The results… even in just three short weeks… have been incredible.

This week’s Content Warfare Strategy Session breaks down exactly what I’ve done and results we’ve seen as a result. Watch the video below to find out:

Video Transcript:

Probably obvious at this point, but it bears repeating… I’m fully invested in Google Plus…

Up until recently the work I’ve put in has largely been on my personal brand using my Google Plus personal profile… and I don’t want to sound like an arrogant ass but the growth has been profound.

The question I get asked the most, Should I be using my personal profile or Business Page?

Well the answer is YES to personal profile… that’s where authorship and potentially author rank come from.

So question becomes how do we business pages to build an audience and grow our business?

I’m glad you’re here, we’re talking Google Plus business pages, and today I have some real life stats that are going to blow your mind… let’s go!

Greetings Content Warfare Nation…

It’s been about 6 weeks since I dropped a new strategy session and I apologize for that. I’ve missed riffing on camera for you guys… I have a valid excuse though… I’m now a Dad, his name is Duke and he’s a complete Gangster in all the cool ways.

But i’m back… so let’s talk Google Plus business pages.

I pretty much went balls to the walls with Google Plus in 2013 building my personal profile and to be honest the results have been staggering in many ways. Couldn’t be happier with my growth as a person, as a business, as an artist because of the work done on Google Plus.

However, you don’t want to grow your personal brand and you’re not interested in developing your “art.”

I get that… no worries… that’s why Google Plus has business pages.

The common belief on business pages to this point has been, “waste of time.”

Being that one of my goals in life is DOMINATE the Interweb for insurance related queries within 100 miles in all directions of Albany, NY…. and taking into account the growth from my personal brand Google plus efforts…

…I began heavily investing in The Murray Group’s Business Page on December 23rd. Yes that is two days before Christmas and yes it is a small sample size… however, I think the timing makes the results even more powerful.

During that time period our Traffic is up 19% for the previous month. Cool but not special… However during that same time period the last two years our traffic has been down 5% and 3% respectively… Remember Christmas and New Years, traditionally low traffic time periods, fall in this time frame.

Additionally, this year, because of the birth of my son I didn’t post ONE SINGLE BLOG POST.

Take that in… I’ll wait….

Ok… I didn’t post a new blog post, not one, all I did was become more active on Google Plus using our Business Page and our traffic went from a net loss of 5% to a net gain of 19% month of month from last year to this year.

Furthermore, our traffic is up 132% for the same time period last year.

132 percent

Without posting a new blog post… the only thing that changed was my activity on Google Plus.

Here’s the rub… 15% of that 19% growth was Google Organic Search Results.

I don’t know anything for shear fact… But being a guy with reasonable common sense I’d say the social signals my Google Plus business page was sending to Google Search positively impacted our search results.

Would you disagree? Please if you disagree tell me why in the comments below…

The obvious next question is “What am I doing with our business page?”

For this video I’m going to be very brief… We’ll expand upon this topic in future episodes…

I spent about 45 minutes each work day… so 5 days a week on Google+ as our Business Page.

I took five actions every day not necessarily in this order.

1) I would take an old blog post and share it using all the proper formatting and explaining as to why this was an article worth reading… I DID NOT LINK DUMP. If don’t know what I’m talking about watch this video on how to properly share on Google Plus…

2) I would work my way through my feed of people I’ve circled, made up of industry professionals and local people and businesses I’ve found. I’d +1 and comment on articles I thought we could add value to.

3) I’d do the same thing in a few local Google+ Communities and two small business communities I really like.

4) I’d take best one or two articles I found and reshare them to my own feed or a communities feed if I thought that was more appropriate.

5) I’d respond to any comments or notifications from Mr. Jingles.

That’s it.

Just do these things every day.

Over and over and over again.

Why these actions? Because they make the basic core relationship building actions paramount to Google Plus success…

Do these… and I’m pretty you’ll like the results that come out the other side.

What else should business pages be doing? If there’s an activity I missed let everyone know in the comments below!

…Oh and if you’re struggling with Google Plus… if you want to learn more… if you want to become a high functioning user in a short period of time… Click here and get your Google+ Starter Kit… a free course I created to help both businesses and personal brands step their game up on Google+… and it’s free which is cool.

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Listen I get this question all the time. I did not go to Duke University. I want the to the University of Rochester… My son isn’t named after Duke University, not that there is anything wrong with Duke, it’s just not why we named him that.

As it happens, I’m a huge John Wayne fan.

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Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley.

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