Don’t Listen to Self-Righteous A-Listers and Read Blogs

Read Blogs

Don’t listen to self-righteous A-Listers and read blogs…

If I read one more “A-Lister” blog post preaching the doctrine of:

“Don’t waste time reading blogs and get to work…” 

…seriously I might lose all faith in what we’re trying to do here as bloggers.

Let’s get something clear:

The Internet is One Huge Crowdsource!

Read BlogsYou can’t inovate in a bubble.

Success, change and growth don’t happen on an Island… Ever hear of Darwin?

We all feed off each other constantly and forever, building, learning and adapting from the thoughts and experience of those around us.

We grow together as a community as a society by sharing, by explaining, by fishing out all the crap that doesn’t work and building on the designs that do.

We do that by reading, watching and listening to each others content!

Don’t read blog posts?

…get bent.

Read blogs and be awesome!

Read Blogs and Grow

I read approximately 35-40 blogs a week and probably comment on 25-30 of those.

I read…

…to learn

…to laugh

…to apply

…to focus

…to strategize

…to question

…to test

…to grow

…to inspire

…to motivate

…to activate.

If I can read the thoughts and ideas of Derek Halpern, Marcus Sheridan, Pat Flynn, Danny Brown, Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, Ana Hoffman, Danny Iny, Jason Fonceca, Tom Treanor, Stanford Smith, Brent Kelly, Sonia Simone, Francisco Rosales, Kristi Hines, Neil Patel, Craig McBreen, Paul Wolfe, Ms. Ileane, Mark Schaefer

If I can read the work of these masters, learn from them and then infuse my own thoughts, beliefs, passions, ideas and apply that mixture to my own online presence…

…why would I not do that?

Blogs provide free access to the minds of very smart, very creative, very driven people and you’re an idiot if you’re not taking advantage of that access.

Read Blogs and Succeed

Do you know how much it would cost to sit down and get consulting from one of these cats?

A lot.


Because they’re really good at what they do and their time costs money.

But for some reason they’re all stupid enough to give away many of their fantastic ideas for free… in a blog post.

All you have to do is read it.

Apply those ideas to your blog.

Then succeed just like they do.

It’s truly that easy.

Read Blogs and Connect

Read blogs of masters, such as those I listed above, and connect with like minded people.

I read Marcus Sheridan’s blog all the time.

Do you know how many supremely talented and Awesome cats I’ve connected with just being a part of Marcus’s community?

A ton… John Falchetto, Ameena Falchetto, Paul Wolfe, Jeevan Jacob John, Craig McBreen, Matthew Stock, Rebecca Livermore just to name a few… there are more.

Everyone of these connections have affected me as a blogger and person and I’m thankful for every relationship.

I met them all because I read blogs.

The Rub

You have to work on your business and make money…

…but you must also read blogs.

Reading blogs is how bloggers network.

It’s how we grow.

Don’t let self-righteous A-Listers who want you to think they’re so busy and so successful they don’t have time to read blogs make you feel guilty about reading blogs.

Especially if it’s any of the blogs I’ve linked to in this post. Every single one of them is AMAZING.

Now go!

Read blogs and be Awesome!

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley