A Radically Honest Take on Content Marketing Success | #99 Content Warfare Podcast

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After a month away from the Content Warfare Podcast, we return with a vengeance in one of the most honest, radically honest take on content marketing success I’ve ever shared.

I missed you guys… had to come back with something a little more personal.

Though other obligations have kept me away from Content Warfare, my hands haven’t idle. In this relatively short, 35 minute episode we talk about the hard truth of content marketing and the importance of understanding your content marketing superpower.

Here’s what we get into:

1) LinkedIn Publishing – Does the recent announcement from LinkedIn reaffirming that user’s own their content create an opportunity for content marketers?

2) Google Authorship – How does the removal of Google Authorship from search rankings algorithm impact where we should place our content? Should we still guest post?

3) Ello – What is this new social network everyone is talking about and should we care?

4) Agency Nation – Where have I been spending all my time lately? Not vacation. We’re building the premier insurance sales and marketing resource online.

This is a quick, value packed episode.

Happy to be back.

Your Turn

What’s your content marketing superpower? How do you delegate work to employees and/or contractors? What are your thoughts on Ello or LinkedIn Publisher?

I ask because I care…

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