Why Original Content Works on Google Plus

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Video Transcript:

Consistently creating original content inside of Google+ is a cornerstone practice to building an engaged audience. Today we’re going to learn seven tricks that will get more people commenting, resharing and plus one-ing your original Google+ content.

Creating original content inside of social media platforms can be dangerous business. For one, we technically don’t own the content and for two, the rules of content distribution can change at any time… think Facebook reach now at an all time low somewhere around 2% for business pages.

It is now incredibly difficult to get content on Facebook in front of your audience (without paying, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a reality)… This makes the idea of creating original content, that Facebook owns, seem ludicrous since no one will see it anyway.

Two years ago this wasn’t the case with Facebook and many digital marketing pundits cited original content (especially imagery) as a best practices tactic for growing a Facebook presence.

Today many of the companies that focused on original Facebook content are paying the price.

Most digital marketing Gurus apply this advice to every social media platform, twitter, linkedin, even YouTube and Google+.

The content marketing thought-leaders at Copyblogger, have gone so far as to give the practice of creating content on social media properties we don’t own a catchy but derogatory moniker, Digital Sharecropping.

But here’s the rub…

Original content works on Google+… The community eats it up and for good reason: original content takes thought, effort and time to create. Feeding the engagement heavy social platform exactly what it wants: a deeper connection.

Here are 7 simple tricks to create more engagement with original content on Google+…

1) Write a great headline.

A great headline is just as important for your Google+ posts as it is for you blog posts and YouTube videos. Make sure you wrap the headline in asterisks to BOLD the lettering and attract more eyeballs.

2) Go long with your original Google+ content.

Think 350 – 750 words. The Google+ community wants meaty, thoughtful posts that force them to stop think. These longer articles can often lead to more comments and reshares from your audience.

3) @mention relevant parties.

First, this is just good content marketing etiquette. Give credit where credit is due. Second, @mention draw in the mentioned party to potentially engage and share your content.

Do not. I repeat Do Not just @mention 50 people with large followings on Google+ in the hopes they’ll share your article. There are only a few situations where this is appropriate. If abused this tactic is a quick way to get unfollowed.

4) Link out to other posts/resources that support your article.

Don’t try to hog all the click-throughs for your own links. If you mention an article or a study or some other resource link to it. Your original content is supposed to be valuable to the people reading it. Attribution is your friend. Linking out to other resources shows command and confidence for your area of expertise.

5) Image is crucials

Google+ allows you to use all different sized images to catch the attention of potential readers. Some people go with tall images to maximize their real estate in stream… like 800px by 1200px. You can use YouTube videos, auto awesome videos, or even Soundcloud sounds that play right in the Google+ post.

My personal favorite, animated gifs I find at giphy.com.

6) Use an original content optin circle.

This one is a little more technical and I’ll direct you to Martin Shervington’s Google+ circles course if you’re unfamiliar with how to use circles. But creating a circle you can notify every time you post new original content will help get engagement snowball rolling the mountain.

7) Share out to other social networks.

The cool thing about Google+ posts is that they are technically their own webpage. Click on the timestamp link in your post. This will take you to the actual web page which contains your post. Then use a tool like Buffer to share that post out to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I also share many of my original Google+ posts on Pinterest.

Original content works on Google+.

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Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

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