My Thoughts After Presenting on Social Media to Young Insurance Agents

On Saturday, September 25th Chris Jordan (Who I finally got to meet in person about an hour before we went on stage) and I gave a presentation on Social Media for Insurance Professionals to the Big “I” Leadership Institute Young Agents.

Chris and I shared our views on Social Media and the communication medium’s impact on the Insurance Industry in a more Theoretical sense than I feel is usually presented.  This means our presentation did not answer any of the following questions:

We did NOT not questions these because Chris and I sit on some ethereal Social Media throne and feel these questions are beneath us.  On the contrary, we actually started our presentation by explaining that neither of us is a “Social Media” expert, because frankly, neither of us believe that a Social Media expert is a real thing.

Seriously, take Chris Brogan.  If there was such a thing as a Social Media expert Chris Brogan would be one, right? I mean when it comes to Inter-Web, Chris is legendary.  But when you look at his bio what does it say:

“Chris Brogan consults and speaks professionally with Fortune 100 and 500 companies like PepsiCo, General Motors, Microsoft, and more, on the future of business communications, and social software technologies. He is a New York Times bestselling co-author of Trust Agents.”


The reason we didn’t answer any of these questions is that they are not important to the Social Media discussion.

The Internet and subsequently Social Media,  is all about Community and Communication… The important Social Media discussion should be on how to communicate.  Once you’ve figured out how to communicate your message, the rest just falls into place.

6 Things that Concern Me After Presenting on Social Media to Young Insurance Agents

  1. Too many Agencies use Errors and Omissions as a reason not to engage in Social Media
  2. Agents are worried about showing personality in Social Media for fear of offending potential customers
  3. Too many Agencies use “Wasting Time” on the Internet as a reason not to engage in Social Media
  4. Too many Agency Principles are holding back their Younger Talent from harnessing the power of Social Media
  5. Insurance Carriers are not providing Agencies with adequate technology integration
  6. There are too many Agencies that feel overwhelmed by Social Media

In the coming weeks leading up to Brand Camp 2010, I am going to address each one of these concerns and how I would address the problem.

The Rub

I think the group of Young and Young-at-Heart Agents that attended our presentation was absolutely fantastic.  The discussion we had brought up many different questions, ideas, concerns, and in some cases the beginnings of solutions. We could have gone on for another couple hours, easily.  The theme that resonated throughout our discussion was consistently the same:

Social Media = Communication

It’s that simple… Seriously.

Social Media is just another way to Communicate.

If you weren’t good at Communication before Social Media, you are not going to be good at Communication with Social Media.

If you’d like a live presentation on insurance, social media and digital marketing you can hire me to speak to your organization.