Why You Are Never the Most Important Person in the Room

Success isn't about YOU.

I tend to believe that a sprinkle of arrogance is a good thing.

I’m not talking about acting like a prick or an a-hole…

But rather the shoulders back, confident, collected, look you straight in the eyes sprinkle of arrogance that effortlessly radiates from someone who truly believes in themselves.

That’s a sprinkle of arrogance and it’s sexy and I’m into it.

Walking the Line

But there is a very fine line with kind of thing.

Embracing your confidence can lead to Drinking Your Own Kool-Aid.  If you drink your own Kool-Aid a little too often you just become a jerk.

And no one really wants to be a jerk.

Self-awareness is very important.

Remember it’s a sprinkle of arrogance… Nothing more or less than:

“I’ve been here before and know how to handle my business.”

When talking about success and especially success online it’s easy to get caught up in ME.

Success isn’t about YOU it’s a derivative of being all about everyone else.

Let me say that line again for effect…

Success isn’t about YOU it’s a derivative of being all about everyone else.

That means your customers, your friends, your family, your business partners and the clerks at your local gas station…

You’re Never The Most Important Person

This leads me to the actual point of this blog post…

You’re never the most important person in the room because you only know what YOU know.

Let me be less cryptic…

No matter how confident you are in what you know or what you can do or what you’re past accomplishments say about your ability to be successful in the future there is always someone in the room…

…that knows something you don’t.

…that has mastered a skill you have not.

…that has experience in an area you do not.

…who’s been featured in one more magazine article than you have.

…who’s booked one more speaking engagement than you have.

…that has one more hour of family time than you do.

The most important person in any room is the person you can learn from.

How does this transition to success online?

These are just a few of the ways Online tools can help you learn from the TRUE Most Important Person in the Room.

The Rub

Confident people (think sprinkle of arrogance) have a certain way of walking into a room.  Truly confident, successful people don’t even realize they do this.

It’s almost as if they float in… Allowing relationships to happen naturally by seeking out those individuals they can learn from and asking questions.

But this doesn’t just take place in physical settings.

You learn from Most Important Person in social spaces as well.

And I encourage you do so.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

SPEAK YOUR MIND:  How do you utilize Online tools to become a more confident version of yourself?