How-to Satisfy Your Lust For More Blog Traffic

more blog traffic

You want it bad…

You yearn for it…

You wake up at night thinking about it…

You get excited at the mere mention of it…

more blog trafficYou’d buy it if you thought your spouse wouldn’t find out…

…More Blog Traffic.

More eyeballs on our content.

More blog traffic is a primal urge of every blogger.

We Lust Over More Blog Traffic

Don’t let anyone tell you that more blog traffic isn’t important.  It is…  Doing the things necessary to acquire more blog traffic is essential to your success online.

A great place to start… Just Be Awesome SEO.

In a very “duh” kind of way more blog traffic is important because it means more potential leads and sales…

…but it’s also important for you, the blogger, mentally.  An increase in traffic means you’re doing something right in the content marketing game.

“Ryan, I don’t get paid from blog traffic…”

Very true and an excellent point.  Watching that little blue line in your Google Analytics account slowly creep higher and higher does NOT pay the bills.

But… Damn… Doesn’t it feel good?

I feel like a blogger gangster when I see that blue line pointing up.

Seriously, it’s OK to feel good about acquiring more traffic.  Celebrate it… Soak it in… Allow yourself the pleasure of this small success.

More Blog Traffic Doesn’t Make You More Money

The reality remains, however, that more blog traffic doesn’t make you more money.

To satisfy your lust for more blog traffic you must CONVERT! click to tweet

Think about this simple equation using my eBook The Social Tools Book as an example:

1000 blog visitors X 3% conversion ratio X $3.99 = $120 revenue

To double my revenue I have three options:

Let’s assume that the Social Tools Book is priced at a fair market rate.

So that leaves us with increasing blog traffic or conversion rate.

If you we increase blog traffic the equation looks like this:

2000 blog visitors X 3% conversion ratio X $3.99 = $240 revenue

Nice, right?!

We just doubled our revenue.  Then think of all the work it takes to double your traffic.  We lust for more blog traffic because it would seem to be the only real way to increase our revenue…

…but you would be wrong to think that way.

Now let’s look at increasing the conversion rate:

1000 blog visitors X 6% conversion ratio X $3.99 = $240 revenue

By increasing your conversion rate you can double your revenue while maintaining the same level or blog traffic.  Think about that for minute…

Instead of working countless hours writing blog posts and leaving comments on other blogs and guest posting and using social media all day long to attract more blog traffic a simple focus on conversion rate and…



You don’t need more blog traffic if you convert more of the traffic you have now into leads and sales.

That is how you satisfy your lust for more blog traffic… Make more money from the traffic you get now.

How-to Increase Conversion Rate

This is going to be a whole-nother post… Coming soon… And a Podcast episode… Also coming soon…

But for now, if you are using WordPress, sign up for the Free Seminars on How-to Use Premise 2.1 Landing Pages.

Premise landing pages are a simple plugin that I use to build all my landing pages including the opt-in form for the No Bullshit Guide to a Successful Blog.

We’ll go into landing pages in more detail in the next month or so but for now check out the free Premise 2.1 seminar (I already use Premise and I’ve signed up) and check out my friend Peter Sandeen… He’s a conversion specialist and the person I look to when I have questions about getting my blog traffic to convert.

You want to satisfy your lost for more blog traffic?

First convert the traffic you have at a higher rate… Then go out and find more traffic.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley