3 Methods to Monetize A Blog For Business


When I say “Monetize a Blog” I bet you think about Internet Marketers…

Monetize a BlogThe term Monetize has developed a negative connotation in the last several years because of the value-lacking propositions that invade our Internet lives.

You’re probably thinking of some information product right now that you accidentally stumbled upon while surfing the web which took you to a landing page with a big bold font and words highlighted in a bright yellow background… Arrows pointing at flashy buttons saying things like “Instant Access” or “Buy Now”…

Then come the testimonials… Then the bonuses… Then the money back guarantee… Then more yellow highlighted words and more arrows and flashy buttons.

Pages and offers like these are why you cringe when I say “Monetize a Blog.”

Don’t get me wrong, landing pages are an important piece of selling your products and services Online.  But they don’t have to look like the faded neon sign of some seedy off the strip nightclub.

Two examples of landing pages I use:

Landing pages don’t have to be cheesy or flashy but they do help direct visitors attention to the action you want them to take.  Which is very important when trying to monetize a blog.

There are three ways that I currently monetize Content Warfare…

#1 – Sell My Own Products

The Social Tools Book – This is the page I use to sell my eBook.  I tried hard to NOT to make it Internet Marketer-y but some of the same components that I just described are found there.  On this page I’m attempting to describe the benefits that will ultimately help you to decide to buy the book.

I want you to buy the Social Tools Book not because I need the $3.99 but because I honestly believe the book will help to jump start your social media work… It will remove the scary from social media.

It also is a great introduction to my writing style and the material I share on this blog.

It’s a representation of me… It’s my product… I created it… I sell it on my blog (and Amazon).

You can and should do the same on your blog.

Monetize a blog method #1…

#2 – Sell Other People’s Products

Not everyone creates or wants to create their own products.

The second way I monetize this blog is through affiliate products… Meaning I sell other people’s products and receive a commission for brokering the sale.

Some of the affiliate products I recommend here on Content Warfare are:

I recommend these products because I use them all and honestly believe that some of you may find a benefit in using them as well.  I’ve always said that this blog will never be used as an affiliate product pitchfest…

Every tool I promote I use and use often… The commission’s I receive from these products I use to offset the cost of running this blog.

Affiliate sales are very common Online and are often the most exploited form of monetization.

That icky feeling you get from some websites, that’s usually from hardcore affiliate sales tactics.

But only if you sell the products that way.  Almost every product you see used Online has an affiliate program.  If you use a tool and believe in it there is no reason that you shouldn’t tell your readers about it…

And if they decide to buy the product and use it because of your recommendation… Then it completely makes sense for you to be compensated.

Monetize a blog method #2…

#3 – Sell My Services

Here is where the rubber will meet the road for most of you (being that I know many of you are small business professionals and ever more specifically insurance agents).

The third way that I monetize Content Warfare (and the only way I monetize The Murray Group) is through selling my services.  In the case of Content Warfare those are Speaking Services.

But I’m not really selling speaking services…

…I’m actually selling a phone number.

I’m selling a phone number that solves a problem.

Your problem of needing a dynamic online marketing / sales speaker is solved by calling my phone number.

This is where so many small businesses (especially you insurance agents) disconnect on generating revenue Online.

You’re trying to sell your services…

…but your services don’t make the phone ring.

Your phone number does.


Selling Your Phone Number

I can’t take all the credit for the concept of selling your phone number.  Chris Paradiso and his amazing team at Paradiso Presents turned me on to this concept and it immediately clicked for me.

This is how you monetize a blog for business… Especially service related business.

You sell your phone number.

You’re probably saying to yourself:

Ryan… What the hell do you mean sell my phone number, I need to tell everyone how awesome my services are!

Think about this way…

You create tons and tons of amazing content around your business and services and staff and customers… People love it.  Prospects love it.  Everyone loves it.

But the phone doesn’t ring.

This is where you go “Ahha!”

All the people that love your business and services and staff and WANT to be one of customers don’t realize that your phone number is the path from their problem to your solution.

Online quote forms and email addresses will get some business…

…but the Call-to-Action that generates revenue is phone calls.

Sell your blog visitors on the phone call being the solution.

“Our Awesome Product Will Solve Your Horrible Problem By Calling This Number”

Drive prospects to take that next step.

Ask for the business.

How do you monetize a blog for business?

You sell the phone number…

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

P.S. If you’re selling information products or video games or iPhone apps then method #3 might not make sense for you.  But all you service related small businesses out there… Focus on the phone number.

SPEAK YOUR MIND: Does this concept make sense? 

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  • If a person writes a blog with the intention of monetizing it first then I would suspect their content quality will suffer. However, if a person ends up monetizing their blog after acheiving a reasonable amount of daily traffic then that’s great. As for affiliate marketing I suggest only promoting those products and services personally used that can be recommended on.
    A taste of Spencer Stern’s work: The Best Techniques To Find The Most Suitable Search Engine Optimization Specialist

    • Spencer,

      Dead on buddy. ONLY the products you use. If something goes wrong with the product as the Affiliate that recommended the product people are going to blame you…

      Definitely something to consider.



  • Hi the route I am going down at the moment is selling other people’s products to monetize my site. But selling your phone number looks really intriguing. The thought never even came into the equation .

    So for great heads up thanks lee

  • He Ryan, Thanks for stopping by on my guest post at Basic Blog Tips.

    I’m working on my first E-book, but I’m really not sure to offer it to my subscribers for free or to sell it to make money. I think I should offer if for free because this will be my first work. I’ll work on another E-book which I’ll sell.

    I do sell others product to make money and I’m doing it successfully on my blog.

    • Ehsan,

      As far as whether it should be free or not I think it depends on the material and Why you are writing it.

      If it’s a bonus… a How-to… a Manifesto… then free is good.

      But if it’s more than that.. If it’s an epic work. then you should be paid.

      Just my 2 cents

      Ryan H.

  • Hi Ryan, Your post is making me re-think my current strategy which is to take prospects to a Comp Session Form and have them complete the form and hit send. I use a professionally design graphic as a call to action. I think some people have a preference for completing a form and others have a preference for picking up the phone. Thanks for making me think! Suzanne
    A taste of Suzanne’s work: 4 Steps to a Successful End of Year Marketing Plan

    • Suzanne,

      Definitely do not remove the Form. But add a good solid call to action with the phone number. Your warmest leads may come from people willing to pick up the phone and get answers immediately…

      Thanks for stopping by!!

      Ryan H.

  • Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for sharing your secrets….i am also following almost similar scheme to earn from blogging.
    I have monetized my blog after working on it for 1 year. In 1 year I have established it as known blogger in Asian blogging community and Now its time to earn something from it.

    Your tips will definitely help me to make my own solid plan to make money from blogging.

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    Parsing JSON Request failed. error! not authorized (page cache might be out of date)

    Kindly look into it.

  • Good stuff by the way. I enjoyed reading it on how would you able to get your site monetized, especially when you’re selling on your phone number. And yes, I also agree with “Wade”, its also about relationship.

  • Hi Ryan! How’s life in upstate NY? :)

    Anyways, great post as usual!
    In last few weeks some of the stuff you posted really made me think. I am very grateful to have found your blog and I like your no bs writing style.

    I am very strongly thinking about how to monetize my blog. The fact that making money from radio, TV and CD sales is “old school” and reserved only to few makes it extremely difficult. I almost have come to think that the only place before the concert tickets to make money is to sell merch. I also plan to “interactively blend” my teaching website and lessons into my music stuff. And promote some material I am affiliated there, which would give me some cash. I currently don’t think what else I could do to make money out of music related stuff.
    A taste of Dacesita’s work: How To Waste Your Time Effectively 101 #1

    • Upstate is very good Dacesita thanks for asking…

      For a business like your’s, the arts, building a Tribe is going to be so important. Once you have a Tribe of people that believe in you as an artist monetizing your blog will be easy.


      Ryan H.

  • Hi Ryan it all sounds so simple to monetize your blog. Or is the secret just to keep it simple and straight to thornton. Rather than try all sorts of complicated techniques. To get so done yo click on this.or hype something up just to sell it. When the customer is only going to be disappointed afterwards.

    Very insightful thanks lee

  • Hey insurance counselor Ryan……..I think this is my first time here. I don’t know what I was waiting on, I probably thought you were going to be talking about insurance………:).

    I like your style and methodology; hopefully it has been a successful model for you.

    Upstate NY; Oneonta, Cooperstown? My youngest son played at Cooperstown one summer; nice area. He’s interviewing with us right now, he might come to work for us. He hasn’t cleared all the hurdles and we usually don’t hire family; but we’ll see how it goes.
    A taste of Bill Dorman’s work: Who is your bell cow?

    • Cooperstown is about an hour and half from here. Love Cooperstown.

      Good luck with your son. I work at a Family Agency and it can be a challenging yet amazing experience.

      All the best

      Ryan H.

    • Wade,

      It’s all about relationship. If the visitor reads your material and trusts your opinion they’ll buy… Right now with the Internet it takes time but I think as consumers opinions and perceptions of Online business mature this time frame will shrink.


      Ryan H.