google plus your business
Want to grow your business on Google Plus?

Sure you do… we all do. That’s what today’s episode of the Content Warfare Podcast is all about. So sit back, relax and geek out on Google+, while Martin Shervington teaches how to harness Google’s “social layer” in your business.

Here are just a few of the questions we get into:

  • How do we grow our business on Google Plus?
  • What activities yield results?
  • How do we “Google Plus Your Business?”

There are very few people in the Google Plus place with both the technical know-how and the witty delivery of Martin Shervington. This is true infotainment at it’s best.

If you want to build your platform on Google Plus and grow your business, you’re going to have to watch this amazing video episode (Don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube):

If you want to watch this video on YouTube you can do so here.

I encourage you to connect with our Content Warfare TV guest further:

Martin Shervington:

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