3 Step Process to Making Money from Facebook


Making money from Facebook can be as frustrating as watching the Buffalo Bills establish their ground game…

make money from facebook…if you’re using the random post method of content marketing.

You’re familiar with the random post method content marketing strategy, right?

In the small business world I’d say the random post method of content marketing is by far the most commonly utilized process for keeping a Facebook page “active.”

It look something like this…

Step 1 – Don’t take the time to plan because you’re “too busy”

Step 2 – Neglect the Facebook page one day longer than you “should have”

Step 3 – Freak out because you have no idea what to right about

Step 4 – Consider posting first picture, thought, idea you can find that seems even mildly related your business

Step 5 – Scratch the random thought and post a sales message.

Step 6 – Hope…

Making Money from Facebook

Making money from Facebook is kinda a misnomer really…

What I should have written is 3 Step Process to Generate Active Relationships on Facebook.

…because to say that you’re going to make money from Facebook in 3 steps is simply crazy.

I mean you still have to sell.

I’m not a sales coach.

If you stink at selling or your personality sucks then your going to struggle more than someone who has even a decent personality and is OK at selling.


What I can give is a 3 Step Process to Generate Active Relationships on Facebook…

…and the deal is once you have active relationships even someone with a decent personality and is OK at selling is going to start cashing in.

The 3 Step Process to Making Money from Facebook

  1. Create engaging content
  2. Generate buzz
  3. Entice participation

Look through the Slideshare presentation below for a better understanding of the 3 step process…

These slides were used in a Webinar I gave the NetVU User Group.  If you’re looking for a dynamic Online marketing and social media speaker for your next conference or event Click Here.

(3 Ways Facebook can Boost Your Revenue from Ryan Hanley)


…it’s a process and it takes time.

Create great content, generate buzz, entice participation!

You can make money from Facebook.

Then you can take this same process and make money from all your social media networks…

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley

P.S. This presentation is even more awesome in person… Click to hire me.

SPEAK YOUR MIND:  What process do you use to generate revenue from Facebook?  Do you disagree with this process?  Have I over simplified the process?

3 Step Process to Making Money from Facebook by

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  • Social media has made the online business easy and through social media you will be able to earn a decent amount of money.But you need to have patience and you need to have good trick and tricks to earn some real handsome amount from social media.

  • Nice post here. Learned a few things.

    I work for one of YoCrunch’s marketing agencies and feel that I need to weigh in on your YoCrunch comments in this post.

    We are very proud of the fact that we grew the Brand’s Likes from 1.500 to over 160,000 in six months. However, these results were driven by far more than Facebook ads. The brand had a substantial budget for online display advertising and also invested aggressively in Public Relations and Blogger outreach including attending a number of blogger conferences where influencers were in attendance.

    While Facebook ads were part of the mix and certainly responsible for adding a good number of Likes, the key for Facebook success for marketers is an integrated, multi-media approach as opposed to attributing success to one tactic over another.

  • Good information and great ideas Ryan. How much of a success was the iPad giveaway? I have been thinking running a promo on my personal account. For every 50 fans I get, one fan will win a $50 gift card to a local business. Also, I love the fact that you did a video announcing the winner. That is gold!

    • Keith,

      I would not ask for “Likes” I would make the bar a little higher for entry… Email subscribers or Reviews on Googe or Facebook… Something like that. Also technically asking for Likes breaks the Terms of Service for Facebook…

      The success of the iPad Giveway was amazing really.

      Likes will come naturally.



    • Aasma,

      couldn’t agree with you more. Engagement is what stirs the sale. If you audience isn’t engaged enough to Like or Comment on a post who can you expect them to buy something from you?



  • Ryan,

    As always, your insights on how to engage online through social media are spot on. Your ability to break it down into simple steps is a huge help to all of us out here learning our way and working to integrate social media in to our marketing efforts and develop new relationship and new opportunities. Thanks!

    • Michael,

      I appreciate the kind words buddy and I’m glad you connected with the content. Breaking things down into simple steps is really only way I can get them to work in my brain.

      All the best dude,


  • 3 Step Process to Making Money from Facebook…

    Making money from Facebook can be as frustrating as watching the Buffalo Bills establish their ground game… if you’re using the random post method of content marketing….