Crab Fishing, Steve Jobs and Long-term Success Online

deadliest catch success online

Do you watch Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel?

I love that show.  Completely addicted… I know power bloggers and motivators write things like “Turn the TV off and read or get something done…”

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Don’t Care!

Love Deadliest Catch… It’s part of my life and the hour a week is worth it to me.  Plus my awesome wife loves “The Deadliest” as much as I do so it gives us something else to bond over (since I simply can’t do real housewives or Kardashians).

What Does Deadliest Catch Have to do with Success Online?

deadliest catch success onlineWell my impatient friend… Longevity.

Deadliest Catch has now produced 8 seasons of content.

How do you make crab fishing interesting for 8 seasons?

Seriously, it’s just crab fishing.  Sure it’s dangerous as hell and sure the crazy video of the ocean is intriguing but you would think that after 8 seasons there wouldn’t be much of a story left to tell.


Aaahhhhh but that’s where you would be wrong.

What Deadliest Catch does better than almost any other reality based TV series is tell the human side of the story.

That is how you make crab fishing interesting for 8 seasons… You make the show about MORE than crab fishing.

Success Online is About You

Success Online is not about your blog… It’s not about your Facebook page… It’s not about you LinkedIn Groups… It’s not about your Google Adwords budget… It’s not about your backlinking strategy… It’s not about your SEO.

You… well… You and your story… Hold the key to success Online (Unless your a straight Ad based Internet Marketer then it’s not about you at all,it’s about all that other stuff).

How many articles have been written about Steve Jobs and his ability to market Apple products?  A million… Ten million… Let’s agree on “a lot.”

What is the one idea that every single one of those articles revolves around?

Steve Jobs told the story.

Steve Jobs told the story about  the product, the team, the culture, the emotion, the reaction, the joy, the trial and the success.

Then Steve Jobs would hold whatever gizmo he wanted you to buy next to his face and people would lose their minds…

People bought Steve Jobs.

No matter how many times Steve Jobs took the stage it was his story and his ability to make whatever product was in his hand feel bigger than just a product.  He made the iPod about more than just listening to music.

That’s what Deadliest Catch does with crab fishing.

And that’s what you and I must to do if we want to be successful long-term Online…

…with our blogs

…with our social networks

…with our newsletter

…with our products and services.

Our Online presence MUST be about more than what we sell.

#1 Way to Make Your Story About More than the Product

So if our Online presence must be about more than what we sell…

What Deadliest Catch Can Teach You About Long-Term Success Online @RyanHanley_Com

How do we make it more?

We pull away the curtain.  We show the back-end of production.  We invite our customers and clients to join us on the other side of the computer screen and watch the magic happen first hand.

Deadliest Catch has done this with one episode spin-off shows that target specific aspects of crab fishing that the main series does not have time to dive deep on.

An example is Deckhands (Deckhands are the guys on the actual deck of the boat that pull the crab gear from the ocean.  They are rough and rugged and sometimes have tragic but amazing stories).  

Because there are usually five to six deckhands on every crab boat the main Deadliest Catch episode does not have time to get into each guy and their story.  So what Deadliest Catch did was a one-hour special spin-off episode that focused on nothing but deckhand back stories…


These guys live wild and tumultuous lives based on the fact that they spend up to three months on a crab boat in one clip.

The result of this deep dive or behind the curtain episode is that I now have Favorite deckhands and really root hard for some of the guys to succeed and I watch each main episode of Deadliest looking for what this guy or that guy will do…

How This Applies to Your Online Presence

You may not be the best storyteller.

You may not be the funniest person alive.

You may not have the most confidence in your Online abilities.

But you do blog… You do have a Facebook page…  And you are trying to grow your business Online.

Let your customers and clients see how you do that…

…or better yet let them see how you make whatever product it is you are selling

…or give them a backstage pass to your service work preparation

…or talk about how your favorite hobby helped you start your business.

The exact topic and how you do it doesn’t matter as much.  It’s the point of letting down your guard down and showing your readers and fans and friends and followers who you are.

The Rub

People don’t buy iPods just for music… They buy them because Steve Jobs made them cool!

People don’t watch Deadliest Catch because they love crab fishing… They watch Deadliest Catch because the guys that crab fish are amazing!

And people don’t read your blog and connect with you on social media because they love to hear about your product… They enjoy YOU and how your story makes your product or service unique.

Tell your story… Let people behind the curtain… And be the Awesome You!

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

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