Lead Generation: Why Traffic Always Comes Second with Mike Brooks | #135 CWP

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How do you generate more leads for your business?

Most online businesses focus on producing more website traffic in order to increase lead generation.

According to our guest on the Content Warfare Podcast, Mike Brooks, author of the book, The Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method, traffic always comes second.

Versus the common belief, this is a counterintuitive concept.

Why wouldn’t the fastest path to more business leads come straight from more traffic? 

The answer is lead conversion. Take a listen to episode 85 with Oli Gardner for the Secret to High Converting Landing Pages for an additional deep dive.

Mike Brooks explains all the things we need to do before we double down on traffic generation.

Here are just of few of the topics we discuss:

…and so much more.

Like all episode of the Content Warfare Podcast, we travel down many unforeseen paths to get to our final destination in what is absolutely a fantastic conversation.


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