3 Lists of 3 Resources for Kick-Ass Marketing Advice

kick-ass marketing

kick-ass marketing

I’m obsessed with marketing.

I love everything about it. From the theories and tactics to the storytelling and being useful… marketing is cool as hell and I feel lucky to have finally found marketing as a career.

Like any guy or gal who want’s to be the best, I find it helpful to keep an eye on peeps spreading kick-ass marketing advice.

…as Scott Stratton says, “Marketing is the business.”

If we want to become better at what we do, we must always surround ourselves with those pushing the envelope.

If we aren’t constantly changing the angle with which we look at our world, the view always be the same.

Here are 3 lists of 3 resources that deliver kick-ass marketing advice. I highly recommend connecting and following each. Each is a true thought-leader consistently challenging their audience to view the world differently.

…and they’re all pretty funny too.

3 Kick-Ass Marketing Blogs

1) Craig McBreen

Craig McBreen is the owner of McBreen Design. Though mild mannered from a distance, Craig’s words tell a deeper story, cutting through the BS clogging your Twitter stream, to help blogging and artists better understand their own internal dialogue.

2) James Altucher

It’s hard to describe James Altucher with a “Title,” so I’ll just call him a writer. James is one of the few writers online who actually deserve to be labeled, authentic. His still is raw and sometimes harsh. But he’s real and transparent and we all could use more transparency.

3) Mars Dorian

Mars Dorian is an artist and designer who’s unique style is immediately recognizable. Is your style or voice immediately recognizable? If not, watch Mars and don’t get hung up on his drawing… the art alone isn’t why he’s immediately recognizable.

3 Kick-Ass Marketing YouTube Shows

1) A Show by zeFrank

A show by zeFrank has absolutely nothing to do with marketing. But if you look closely there is something very powerful going on… community building. zeFrank’s video show is a series of experiments in community building and engagement. Follow along, laugh your ass off and learn how to build ravenous communities.

2) Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern is mind behind Social Triggers.com and whether you his style or hate it, the dude knows what he’s talking about. His classic NYC in your face style forces us to ask uncomfortable questions about the way we’re running/growing our business. If you’re like me, at the end of every video you’ll end up saying, “I hate that I like this guy’s work so much.”

3) MarieTV

MarieTV by Marie Forleo is really the Cadillac of YouTube self improvement video shows. Funny, quirky and intelligent, there is an undeniable attractiveness to everything she does… Oh and she delivers immense value with every episode. Marie’s work is the envy of every would be marketer.

3 Kick-Ass Marketing Podcasts

1) UnPodcast

I have to admit I got on the Scott Stratten, Unmarketing bandwagon kinda late, but his UnPodcast is amazing. Honest, direct, funny as hell and filled with valuable marketing insights. I especially like the, “Moron Mountain,” segments… classic.

2) The Fizzle Show

Chase Reeves (CWP guest episode #43 here), Corbett Barr and Caleb Wojcik combine like Volton for probably THE BEST all-around marketing oriented podcast in production today. They mix style and substance as well anyone in the business of podcasting.

3) Mad Marketing

Though the episodes aren’t as they once were, there is no one that delivers content marketing advice with the mix of honesty and expertise that Marcus Sheridan does. The Mad Marketing podcast’s format is 100% listener question based which makes every episode a value-packed testament to the method Marcus prescribes.

Bonus 4) BlogcastFM

Srinivas Rao (CWP guest episode #50 here) is on a journey of self-development and improvement in the context of marketing and entrepreneurship. Stick out your thumb and catch a ride… you won’t regret it.

What Kick-Ass Marketing Really Looks Like

There is no formula for kicking ass… There are really only two requirements: Be real. Get shit done.

That’s it. If you’re trying to something you’re not or something someone told you, you should be… you’ll never kick ass. If you’re real but you never get anything done… you’ll never kick ass.

Here’s your homework Content Warriors.

Tell your story. Tell the honest version of your story in your next blog post. Then come back here and share it in the comments. Watch what happens.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley.

P.S. If you’re not currently, but would like to become a Content Warrior click here now.

 photo credit: MO-A

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