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The Social Media Reciprocity Strategy to Traffic Growth

Just Be Awesome Social Media

Reciprocity – (a derivative of Reciprocation) meaning mutual exchange.

I know how busy your day is and I appreciate the time you take out of it read this blog.  That being the case, what I’ve tried to do, whether successfully or not, is break down digital marketing and success online into strategies that are easy to understand.

I did that with Just Be Awesome SEO

Just Be Awesome Social MediaNow I give you Just Be Awesome Social Media!

I know your guilty little pleasure is counting every single Fan, Follower and Connection you accumulate…

…so today I’m going to give you the absolute, sure-fire, without-a-doubt, guaranteed to work strategy for growing your social media community and driving more traffic to your website.


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Just Be Awesome Social Media

Here’s the deal with Just Be Awesome Social Media:

With Just Be Awesome SEO it was all about you creating content that your target audience thought was awesome.  Then your audience would take care of all the off-site SEO stuff for you…

With Just Be Awesome Social Media everything works in the opposite direction.  You must be proactive with sharing and participating in the social media communities of people YOU think are awesome.

See the difference?

Yes… No… Maybe…

Let’s start at the beginning

There are a lot of different ways to drive traffic to your website using social media.

The common method of those people and businesses struggling to gain traction in social media is the SPAM Blast.  In this method you incessantly post and re-post all your articles and sales pages to every person unfortunate enough to connect with you in social media…

I don’t recommend this method… But it’s a method no doubt and it will get you traffic.


Find ten to twenty blogs of thought-leaders in your niche and connect with those people on the two to three social media platforms you use the most.  Then simply participate.

Show interest in what they saying by commenting on their posts…

Add value to the discussion by sharing your own personal experiences…

Offer to help them with their own projects…

Be part of the solution that leads to achievement of their goals…

If you have a need, buy a product through their affiliate link…

Finally, here is easiest, least time consuming, but most important aspect of Just Be Awesome Social Media…

Share their content in your social media spaces.


That means hit the Tweet Button

Share on Facebook

Post to LinkedIn…

Give props on Google+

…and while we’re on the subject of sharing on social media here is a quick lesson on the proper way to share valuable content on social media.

How to share on social media

How to Share on Social Media

  1. Make sure that you link to the author of the blog post (using the appropriate prefix such as “@” on Twitter and Facebook or “+” on Google+).  They wrote the great post and deserve props!
  2. Give a Call-to-Action as to why your fans, friends and followers should read this great post you just shared.
  3. Add a link to the post so your fans, friends and followers can get to the great post… Seems obvious but important to remember.
  4. Hit Share!

And your done.  You just shared a great piece of content on social media… and this is the minimum you should do.

Share Their Content First

Share the content of other people BEFORE you ever share your own… Share their content at a 3:1 ratio with your own (completely arbitrary ratio but the point remains). Shit, share their content at a 10:1 ratio with your own.


If you enjoy what you’re reading let everyone know.  People that are following you, are following you for a reason.  In theory it’s because you share similiar interests or business or hobbies or desires or they simply think you’re awesome and want to be connected to you.

No matter what the reason, there is a good chance that if you think a piece of content is awesome so will your fans and followers and by NOT sharing that piece of content you are doing them a disservice.

This is how Just Be Awesome Social Media gets you traffic!

The author of the great post that you shared all over your social media sees you doing this.  If they’re not a complete A-hole, that author is going to show appreciation by doing one of number of thing including:

  • Thank you publicly
  • Share your content
  • Mention you in a future blog post
  • Ask you interview for a blog post
  • Let you guest post
  • Put a permanent link on their sidebar to your site

In general by being Awesome and sharing the awesome content of other people first you will garner the attention of appreciation of these individuals who will in RECIPROCATE! 

The Rub

Essentially what I’m telling you to do is use social media to give value first and build trust with other bloggers and in return they will help you spread your message.

Really this is relationship building 101 but Just Be Awesome Social Media is such a cooler name!

Two things before I let you go:

  1. Check out my man Brent Kelly at www.BrentmKelly.com.  He is absolutely killing it helping people achieve their business goals…
  2. If you don’t have a good handle on social media or don’t know where to begin, I recommend reading my e-book, The Social Tools Book, which will jump start your social media activity.  You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley and this is Content Warfare.

About Ryan Hanley

I help make sales easy through content marketing. My work as a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and Amazon bestseller author will help your business establish authority, attract an audience and grow revenue. Hire me to speak at your next event or grab a copy of my new book, Content Warfare.

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  • http://www.seopodium.com/ Mike

    I like the details you have given in this post. I think it’s good to share first and then expect others to share our content. Social media is all about building value and we should share some valuable content which is liked by our target audience and people who are following us. :-)

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      If everything is about YOU then people just tune your messages out. Sharing the great content of others shows you value the work and are an expert in that field.


  • http://makingmoney2blog.com John

    It’s crazy how some people still don’t understand the value of Social Media. I always make sure that if its something of value whether it’s a business tip, a motivational quote, or even something that could put a smile on someone’s face, I retweet, share, like or pin. These types of things go a long way. Good post.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      It’s social media Karma… And you are right it DOES go a long way. Thanks for sharing buddy!!

      Ryan H.

  • http://www.guideandnews.com/2012/06/09/affiliate-marketing-guide/ Ehsan @ Affiliate Marketing Guide

    Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing the just be awesome social media tips here, I’ve read the just be awesome SEO post here. There’s a great value in both posts.


    Ehsan U.

  • http://www.rightmixmarketing.com Tom Treanor


    I really like the Social Media Reciprocity System and it does work! Great job and keep showing us the way!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      You definitely live the social media reciprocity system… Thanks for the stopping by!!

      Ryan H.

  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

    You hit it right on the head Anton… Exactly right!

    Thanks for stopping by buddy!

    Ryan H.

  • http://www.stevebaines.biz Steve Baines

    Ryan – you are totally right – as usual:)

    I agree that the “blasting it out” method will you get you traffic – but not the kind of quality traffic you want. It’s the same idea with attrition – right?

    If you want an engaging and worth while relationships than you will attract those people using the methods you teach about. If you ‘Blast’ out, the followers you get will be what I call ‘Empty Numbers’ and won’t be meaningful.

    Keep Doing your thing, man!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      That’s the key… Empty numbers… If all you care about is watching the little line in your Google Analytics account rise and fall then blasting people may work for you. But if you’re interested in building relationships, creating value and ultimately selling a quality product or service to customer base in need then it’s NOT going to work.

      Thanks buddy!!

      Ryan H.

  • http://inspiretothrive.com Lisa

    Ryan, it’s so true – I love your 3:1 ratio. It’s harder I think for newbies out there because no one starts sharing their stuff for a while. And the urge to hit the tweet / like button is overwhelming. I love using just-retweet and Tribber as they help get the ball rolling. I’ve stopped following those that just send out their own messages day in and day out. What’s the point of that on social media? – They should just get a billboard instead.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      I couldn’t agree with you more… SPAM Blasting seems like the right thing to do because you have traffic. But it’s such a turn off in the long-run it always backfires!


  • http://lesdossey.com Les Dossey


    As perhaps your eldest (not old) follower I want to congratulate you for just being awesome.
    Your content always inspires, is easy to act on and the edginess makes it fun to share.

    and thanks for being accessible.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      I very glad you enjoy. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to helping each other more…

      Showing a little personality, whatever that is for you, is so important to the relationship building process.


  • http://www.vitalchats.co.za/ Wade | Wellness

    The message of showing the love first is coming up more and more for me Ryan. I am so excited about wrapping my head around this stuff and it is thanks to people like you who willingly share such awesome content every time you put your fingers to the keyboard.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment Wade and I’m glad that the Value First strategy is something you enjoy. Long-term it will yield a much higher return!


  • http://insurancegoddess.com Carrie Reynolds

    Never more true advice was given. I subscribe to and religiously read many insurance bloggers (you and Brent are two of them) because the information you present is truly valuable and worthy of sharing. Perhaps I’m lucky in that what I subscribe to is worth sharing, so I don’t really have to think twice about doing it. Make sense?

    Without my network of other insurance peeps to support me, there is absolutely NO WAY I would have gotten this far in my online activities. We’re all here to help each other and the only way we can achieve this is by working together to promote each other’s good words and good deeds. You get what you give, I believe that a million times over. So give until it hurts. And then give some more. Good things will come.

    This is Carrie Reynolds and I AM The Insurance Goddess (with proper credit to you for the tagline :)

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      You live and breathe it… I know that.

      Whether you realize it or not you’ve been living Just Be Awesome for a long time… Long before the Internet ever came around.

      Excited for your eBook to release and very happy for you!


  • http://www.customerrespect.com Terry Golesworthy

    Good post Ryan
    And you are right – if you want people to connect you to their network, you must create a comfort level regarding your abilities and that you are prepared to promote them back. I have followed you for a long while and I know what you stand for, what you think (in general) and I know you are smart and would trust you at any time and nevre hesitate to recommend you and yet we have never met.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      Thank you… I seriously don’t know if I’ve ever gotten a more complimentary comment. And I couldn’t agree with you more… It’s come down to consistency of quality and message.

      If you’re always there and it’s always good people will build trust just as they do in the physical world.

      Thanks buddy!!

  • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


    Thank you for the feedback… I really think we could all do with a little less Lingo and little more actionable advice.

    I that too many Bloggers get caught in the Lingo Buzzword Traffic game. And most of it is just nonsense.

    Appreciate you stopping by buddy!

    Ryan H.

  • http://www.brentmkelly.com brent Kelly

    Thanks for the love Ryan. Your stuff is easy to share for one reason……it’s worth sharing. Keep up the awesome work.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Buddy! Can say the same about you!

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