It’s Not the Blog… It’s the Blogger

It's not the blog... it's the blogger.

It's not the blog... it's the blogger.

We all realize it’s not the Blog that makes an Awesome Blogger … right?

Because I want to be clear here,  it’s the Blogger that Makes an Awesome Blog and Not the other way around.

People Make a Blog Awesome… Not Tools.

Lately I’ve been talking a lot about tools.  I built a Blogging Resources page, I wrote an article on using Aweber for my e-newsletter and also created the Content Creation Curation on Pinterest.

Each is a piece of writing I’m proud of and I believe was important to share.  But these are tools.  Each plays a role in the way my Blog is run. None of them speak to why people actually visit my blog and engage in the content.


Tools are important, for sure.  Your blog can’t look like the Frat House floor on Sunday morning.

But no one visits your blog because of the way it looks.  They come for you… Yes, YOU!

Blogger… Person who bangs keys to create words to form sentences that combine thoughts that frame theory which delivers value… Blogger

You and your words are the reason that people visit your blog, so spend time on the words and thoughts, not the plugins and font styles.  (Please realize I’m not trying to be preachy with this.  I am just as guilty as anyone for wasting time on my blog design… No doubt, vanity is a bitch).

Take Seth Godin’s blog, which looks like complete crap, but I read it every day.  His content is thought provoking and antagonistic.  It makes you question yourself and the way you do business.  More importantly it makes you question your relationships and human interactions…

You Are Not Seth Godin

…And neither am I.  Seth Godin is a New York Times Best Selling author and a Trust Agent.  We’re not there yet, so the look of our blog does matter.  I just don’t want you wasting time on it.  I want you to write.  I want you creating content.  Remember that Creating Content is Stage 1 of a Successful Blog.

Here are all 5 Stages of a Successful Blog:

This 20 minute video goes deeper into the 5 Stages of Successful Blog.  Enjoy…

The Rub

Always remember that people come to you blog, personal as well as business, for YOU!  They want the knowledge that you have… They want to enjoy your personality and connect with you on a deeper level.

Use the Blogging Resource page I created to find some tools that will help your blog run smoother or look a little more professional (I’m always updating this page).  Just don’t dwell on it.

Create Content…

Add Value…

Create Content…

Add Value…

Thank you and good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley