How To Convince Your Internet Hating Boss an Online Presence is Important

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So I did a webinar for a large insurance carrier last week on some general topics pertaining to Social Media and it’s place in the Insurance Industry.

(A very skinny version of my Engage. Subscribe. Convert presentation)

Immediately following the presentation I got an email from a woman who had just been listening to the webinar.  The title of the email was HELP…

Reputation and Relationships

Her email explained that she worked for an independent insurance agency and that currently she was losing her mind.

online successFor the last several months she had been tirelessly trying to get the stakeholders within her agency to embrace social media, blogging and the Internet.

She further explained that the stakeholders disregard for the Internet was so extreme that they didn’t even care to update the basic information contained on their current Brochure style webpage.

It was the opinion of the stakeholders of this insurance agency that their Reputation and Business Relationships held enough weight that engaging in social media was a waste of time.

“Their agency was about Relationships”

I get that. My insurance agency is about relationships too… Life is about Relationships.

However, as a fellow independent insurance agent, I know this type of close mindedness is very typical and it broke my heart just a little to see such a brazen disregard for the power of social media and Internet.

But all hope isn’t lost.

As Inspirer of Online Awesomeness I see potential here…

See Insurance Agencies are about Relationships… Small Business is about Relationships… Life is about Relationships… and the Internet is about Relationships!

Misconception. Misunderstanding. Misimpression.

These insurance agency stakeholders as are many small business professionals are under the impression that anything that has to do with the Internet is NOT relationship based.

That is the mentality that needs to be broken… That is CRACK in the Internet Opposed Armor.

These business owners do not realize that the Internet is 100% based on relationship.

Sell that message.  Drink that Kool-aid.

The Internet is about Relationships people… DUH!

Look I make it blatantly clear when you come to my website I want you to take two actions:

Do you think anyone takes either of those actions if I haven’t built some kind of relationship with them?

NO… Hell NO!

The Internet is no different than traditional business or Life… The Internet is about Relationships.

So I see potential in my new friend’s situation.  The stakeholder’s of her organization already believe in relationship selling.  That is a fantastic first step.

Her avenue to success in convincing them that the Internet, blogging and social media need to be part of the Agency’s success structure is through showing how the Internet , blogging and social media cultivate relationships.

The Rub

I’ll spare you from my long-winded response to her, but essentially I advised her to find some of their biggest clients Online and show way that her Agency could strengthen and grow the current relationship through Online tools.

That will be a good first step.  She’s not telling these Old Timers they need to change how they do business or buy into some shiny new tool…

It’s as simple as tracking client’s blogs and commenting once in a while to show interest and enthusiasm for their product and brand.

When one of the stakeholders receive a phone call from the client thanking them for their support watch the Internet interest level of that stakeholder rise.

Thank you and good luck!

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