Innovation, Content Marketing and Becoming the Competition

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I’m a big fan of Daniel Burrus and his Techno Trends newsletter.

Truthfully, I have only a limited appetite for the techy future stuff.  This may seem crazy, but I’m not a big technology guy in general.  I grew up in the woods of Upstate New York creating new worlds in the forest behind my house.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love the Internet.

I do.

I love the ease of communication and accessibility that technology affords us…

…but as far as gadgets go and the next wave of smartphone…

I could care less.

I’m a story teller.

I’m a content marketer.

I’m a believer in helping others and building relationships.

If technology helps me do that, I’m all for it.

So I don’t read Daniel Burres’s newsletter for the technology stuff.  What I admire about Daniel Burrus, why I think his newsletter is such a fantastic resource, is because he singularly focused on innovation.

I love innovation.

Love it…

…and subsequently I try to read, listen to, watch and meet innovators as often as I can.  I want to infect myself with the innovators spirit.

Becoming the Competition

In Daniel Burrus’s most recent newsletter he gave the following thought about Google and their social media efforts with Google+:

“This is where it looks like some mistakes started to occur, because Google shifted their focus from ‘innovation’ to ‘beating the competition.’

One of the problems of focusing on the competition is that you end up competing with them.  In contrast, when you focus on innovation, you become the competition.  That’s a big difference.”

Let’s take Google, Google+ and social media out of the discussion.  That point isn’t whether or not Google has made mistakes in it’s creation and integration of Google+.

What I would like to discuss are the words in bold.

“…when you focus on innovation, you become the competition.”

That’s a very powerful thought.

I see this everyday.  I work in insurance.  Some of my would be competition includes GEICO, State Farm, Progressive, Nationwide, All State… Mega-companies that spend ridiculous amounts of money to advertise their insurance products.

Do you think it’s possible for me to “beat” any of the companies I just named?

Shit no… it would be impossible.


It would be impossible if I say them as competition…

I have absolutely no chance to beat the mega-insurance carriers, no chance at all…

…if I play their game.

I’m sure you deal with the same issues in your industry.

So if we have no chance to beat our Big Box competitors what are we as small business professionals and entrepreneurs supposed to do?

We Friggin’ Innovate

We become the competition.

We small business professionals…

We entrepreneurs…

We solo-preneurs…

We main-street, real-life, community-based businesses…


…and it all starts with our story.

To me, content marketing is the innovation.

To me, figuring out…





…emotion driving,

…revenue generating ways of telling the small business story is innovation.

Because our story is the Ace in the Hole.  Our Big Box competitors don’t have a special story.  They don’t have a community to rally.

Innovation is figuring out how to deliver your story in a way that integrates into peoples lives not interrupts.

This is content marketing.

When you use content marketing to innovate your story and how you tell your story… you become the competition.

No one has the story you have.

No one can tell your story the way you can.

Get your hands out of your pockets and get them on the damn keyboard.


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Drop Some Knowledge

How do you innovate your story?  What part of your story allows you compete against your Big Box competitors?  Does innovate your story make sense?