Embrace Inbound Marketing or Your Business Will Become a Hobby


We all want that perfect business scenario…

embrace inbound marketing…you know, where your great passion, your beloved hobby, the thing you’re willing to do for free every day ultimately becomes your career…

…how you feed you family

…how you pay your bills

…how buy that yacht.

Isn’t that what we all want?

To live and work our passion every single day…

…so closely intertwined that it’s hard to tell where fun ends and work begins.

Damn that sounds good.



Isn’t that why most of us small business folks and Internet entrepreneurs began our businesses in the first place?

We didn’t want to plod to work ever day, dreading that moment our ass hit the fabric of the cubicle chair we’d be chained to for the next eight hours.

I know that’s why I work for a small business…

It’s why I write this blog….

I’ve played the cube farm game.

There was actually a time when I was known as “M02SZ5.”  The young woman who worked next to me, well, she was “M02SZ6.”  That “identification number” was how we logged into our computers, it was labeled on our cubes and every piece of internal mail we received came addressed that “identification number.”

When you work in a cube farm after a while all you have to talk about is your favorite place to eat at lunch.

Humans weren’t meant to work this way…

Passion Does Not Equal Success

So we break out…

…and put our name on a sign in front of some building and turn our hobby into work.

But passion for a hobby doesn’t equal business success does it?

Sure you turned your hobby into something that made money

But just because you make money from your hobby doesn’t mean it’s a business. click to tweet

I was listening to Srini Rao interview Stephanie Pollack on BlogcastFM today and she said something that completely resonated with me:

“If you’re not willing to promote your business and let people know what you have, you have a hobby not a business” – Stephanie Pollack

Think about that for a minute…

Making money does not a business make.  You make money from your hobby, that’s excellent, but it doesn’t mean you’ve built a business.

Don’t let your business become a hobby

See I work in the insurance industry and as an industry we’re struggling to adopt inbound marketing.

In speaking to insurance professionals throughout the country about how to harness the power of inbound marketing I’ve begun to see a troubling pattern (and is most likely happening in other industries as well)…

I see insurance professionals who’ve built strong organizations but are now forgetting how to market their business (think “tell their story”) simply because marketing involves the Internet.

What I’m truly worried about is main-street insurance agencies regressing from successful businesses back into hobbies because agency owners refuse embrace even the most elementary content marketing, social marketing and digital marketing strategies.

Are you making the same mistake?

If you’re not using content to tell your story and deliver your unique value proposition than your business is quickly turning into a hobby.


What the hell do I know?

I’m just some punk 31 year-old trying to tell seasoned business professionals that they embrace content creation and inbound marketing…





But you’re still reading because deep inside you know I’m right.

You know as I do that it’s our story that gets consumers to pick up the phone.

…but we’ve forgotten how to tell our story.

Advertising has dulled the storyteller inside us.  We’ve been conditioned to simply purchase ads, interrupt our potential clients and wait for the phone to wring.

Tell Your Story Damn It!

What am I asking you to do?

I’m asking you to harness the power of inbound marketing by simply telling your business story online…

…in text

…in images

…in video

…in audio.

I’m asking you to keep you business from becoming a hobby.

I’m asking you to survive.

Screw that..

I’m asking you to THRIVE…

…through content.

Drop Some Knowledge

How will you ensure that your business doesn’t become a hobby?  How are you creating content to tell your story?

Embrace Inbound Marketing or Your Business Will Become a Hobby by

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  • I just started listening to your podcast, and have been a huge advocate of content marketing for the last decade having written over 1500 article on the web, and now a big youtube channel.

    More so then ever, content is king!

    Especially content that covers video, text, images and even podcasting, which you do wonderfully. Although I don’t see a youtube icon on here.


  • Hey Ryan-

    It’s been a while since chimed in, but you were right on the mark with this one. In fact I might forward it to a couple of stubborn ostriches I’m trying to get on the inbound marketing train.

    Oddly enough, I’m finding most of my clients now through offline networking and introductions. A story for a different day….

    • Dude,

      Great to hear from you. So you’re finding new business through referrals and say Chamber events or offline in-person events like that?

      Then helping them with their Online marketing?

      That’s very interesting. Love to read about it.


  • Whoa, trying to ruffle some feathers? Good for you. I am 100% on board with you on this, yet I have been guilty of some of the things you have mentioned. I am making a goal of scheduling adequate time for great content and inbound marketing. Not because it’s trendy, but because I feel my future success depends on it. Thanks man.

    • Brent,

      We all struggle with time dude, no worries there. The important part is you believe and are doing everything you can to deliver value to clients and future clients in the time you have. Keep fighting the good fight my friend.


  • Well said sir.

    I too, am an insurance professional who is adopting and promoting inbound marketing. Glad to know there are others out there. There are so few us out there we should form a support group or something.

    • Joey,

      It’s all about connecting with other like minded professionals, like we’ve done here and keeping the conversation going. We have to keep pushing ahead, trying new things, sharing our ideas and learning…

      Then we all succeed.