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Idea Warfare | How to Win the Battle for Our Own Creative Genius

idea warfare

We are currently living through a Creation Revolution.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Seth Godin podcasts and watching a lot of Seth Godin videos (who I recently learned is a Buffalo Bills fan which makes me even more of a fan):

All these Seth Godin podcasts and videos have me wicked geeked out on the ideas of “Creation” and “Shipping”

Besides being a very articulate, thoughtful man who shares my personal passion for Upstate New York, Seth is truly a master of two things:

  • He allows himself to be completely open to the creation and proliferation of ideas,
  • He ships as many ideas as he can with the potential to be remarkable.


Seth uses the word “Remarkable” is all three podcasts.

For some reason I can’t get the word remarkable out of my brain.

What is remarkable?

Where do I find remarkable?

Who has remarkable now?

Am I capable of remarkable?

In the BlogcastFM podcast Seth says something close to the following line:

“I wanted to create things at the edge, because the edge is where remarkable happens…”

The edge.

What is the edge?

How do I know when I’m at the edge?

Who’s at the edge now?

Am I capable of reaching the edge?

Slow down.

The concept that remarkable lies at the edge is not as daunting as it seems…

…all that it requires is your willingness to relinquish perfection.

idea warfareIn idea warfare perfection is our Achilles Heal. {tweet this}

Content marketing is the artillery guns of idea warfare and there is nothing that slows down your content marketing efforts more than striving to create perfect blog posts.

To stay ahead of our online competition we need to become artists

…but really we need to be more than that.

We need to become artists that ship without conscious.

We need to understand that 99 failures and one success equals success.

Think about the visualization that Seth is giving us.

In order to find a remarkable idea we have to place ourselves in the most precarious of situations… on the edge.

Just look at the definition of edge (Merriam-Webster):

Edge ~ (1) a point near the beginning or the end; similar to brink, verge <on the edge of disaster> (2) : the threshold of danger or ruin <living on the edge>

Does it sound like playing it safe will place on the edge?


Does it sound like running every new piece of content by Human Resources, Legal and the C-Suite is going to get you to the edge?


Does it sound like doing the same things that everyone else is doing will take you to the edge?


When I started the 100 Insurance Questions Answered in 100 Days Video Series no one had ever done anything like it before… at least not in the insurance industry.

It was tough, took a ton of time I wasn’t supposed to be spending on Online marketing, there were no results to back up why I was doing it and I had no experience every doing anything like it before…

…but I did it anyway.

If it had failed, it probably would have meant the end to my Online marketing.

There is no way my boss would have let me continue spending time on something that hadn’t produced results and he intrinsically didn’t believe in anyway…

…but it didn’t fail.

Was it Seth Godin remarkable?

Maybe not.

What it independent insurance agent remarkable?

Hell yes it was.

Remarkable is relative.

Remarkable in your world may be capturing one new inbound lead a week.

Remarkable may be a local news article dedicated to your business.

Remarkable may be a client taking an extra moment to sincerely thank you for your work.

Whatever remarkable is to you it starts by letting go of the idea that perfection is ever obtainable.  Most of my 100 videos were done with a 5 megapixel cell phone camera.  Talk about NOT perfect.

Let go of perfection and ship ideas.

Get your ideas out the door.

  • Maybe your idea is taking a picture with every client that walks in your door…
  • Maybe you want to start your own podcast
  • Maybe you want to sky write your landing page URL above the county fair…

What’s important in winning the battle for your own creative genius is NOT whether the idea is good or whether the idea will work…

…what’s important is that you act upon the idea.

The Internet has made spreading ideas easy.

So now we’re in arms race for ideas…

…the business that gathers the most, best ideas and delivers them consistently to the market wins.

This is Idea Warfare.

You win by tapping into your own creative genius.

You don’t have to be Seth Godin…

…just the most creative version of yourself possible.

Then ship.


Ship every idea until one of them actually works…

Success is derived from your successes, not your failures. {tweet this}

Remarkable is a choice.

Allow yourself to act on your own ideas and go ship.

Thank you and Good luck,

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SPEAK YOUR MIND:  How do you find the edge?  Where does your creative genius lie?  How do you find ideas that push the limit of what’s been done before?

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  • http://www.matthewlbrennan.com Matt Brennan

    I love this. I’m a Godin fan too, ( despite the Buffalo Bills :) ) . You win by simply producing awesome stuff. You win by not over-editing your own creativity. All it takes is one awesome, creative idea to ship. Good post!

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Matt… Appreciate the feedback buddy. Ship.

  • http://www.marsdorian.com Mars Dorian

    Booom, the war cry has been unleashed !

    Luv the way you summarize it – I’m a huge Seth Godin fan, and he’s been the major inspiration behind my biz-building. I’m working my face off to walk towards
    my own edge this year – I too believe that this is the only way to create remarkable work that both
    1) blows people away
    2) ensures you stay relevant in the future.

    Thanx for that creative battle manifesto, Ryan !

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Mars…

      You definitely are pushing the edge dude. I love where your mind goes on topics and don’t mean that in a cheeky way, you seriously are pushing right now. I’m looking forward to what you come up with.

      It’s about the body of work over time. No single blog post or piece of work defines us but if build off of each success then we can truly live forever.

      All the best buddy,


  • http://www.purrfectmoments.com Sheila Bergquist

    Thanks for such an inspiring post! I really needed one today and I love the idea of “remarkable.”

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley

      Thanks Sheila!

      Keep remarkable in mind the next time you start to create and see what happens!!

      All the best,


  • http://techienize.com/ Rajkumar Jonnala

    One should make several attempts to see if any one of them works. Can’t keep quiet with out trying anything and looking for success.

  • http://www.keithrlaskey.com Keith Laskey

    I’m with both of you guys on Seth Godin. The guy lives on an edge that I can see off in the distance. A place I have never imagined myself walking to. I take a step closer each time I hear or read more from him. I do wish he wasn’t a Bills fan though.

    Hanley, Idea Warfare is an awesome topic and one that needs to be explored. I struggle with getting ideas from my head to my blog every day. Once I get the chance to write, the ideas are gone. If I may make a request, consider creating a podcast around this topic.

    Also, love the idea of stop trying to be perfect. It’s a waste of time.


    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      You read my mind dude… Podcast is being sketched out at this very moment. Launch next week.

      More to come on Idea Warfare.

      Can’t get it off my brain.


  • http://brentmkelly.com Brent Kelly


    So glad you went after this topic. I currently reading “The Icarus Deception.” I bought it immediately on my Kindle after listening to two podcasts featuring Seth as the guest.

    This concept of the connection economy vs. the industrial economy is obvious, yet the majority of people in my generation are not willing to accept it. This often includes me, but I am rapidly wrapping my brain and more importantly, my heart into these ideas.

    Look for some completely new ideas “non insurance related” coming from me in the future. Your writing and passion are keeping me inspired. Keep it up.

    • http://www.ryanhanley.com Ryan Hanley


      I love it bro… You ever want to share those ideas and thoughts in this forum let me know, I’d love to get your voice in front of this community.

      I’m finishing Linchpin and immediately moving on to the Icarus Deception.


      • Brent Kelly

        Would love to discus more Hanley. It’s time to create some art.

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