How to Properly Share Content on Google Plus [Video]

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Google Plus is a different kind of social media network. In truth, Google Plus isn’t a social media network at all, but rather the “Social Layer” of the Google enterprise.

Google Plus is the fabric that binds all Google platforms. It’s our history of authority…

…and whether by design or destiny Google Plus has attracted a more sophisticated audience.

We can’t share content on Google Plus the same way we do on Twitter or Facebook. We need to give our Google Plus audience a reason to +1, comment, share and ultimately follow our link. This engagement is crucial to building our authority within the Google Plus platform.

The following video outlines four critical features of every Google Plus update or post. The process isn’t complicated, nor is it time consuming, but it does take a little thought and consideration for the individuals with which you are sharing your content.

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Here is a simple breakdown of each Google Plus update feature:

Video Transcript:

This is Content Warfare TV video show number one, Google Plus Friday talking about the four elements that make up a great Google Plus post.

We don’t simply want to be hitting the share button and just sending that out there with no reasoning, no text, no hash tags inside the actual Google Plus update itself. So the four elements, element number one, we want to make sure that we have a nice simple bold headline that’s going to capture people’s attention and draw them further down the article.

Second, we want to have two to three sentences describing why this article is something that anyone who sees your update should follow back to the website whether it’s yours or you’re sharing someone else’s material. The third thing is we want to actually include a link in the description so the update itself may have a clickable image and link down below at the bottom of your Google Plus update but we also want to put the link back to the website in the update description itself.

Finally, fourth, we want to include a call-to-action either a click this link to follow further or maybe you want to ask a question or have some sort of poll included to get some engagement going on that actual update itself in the comment section. Give people a reason to re-share and +1 that article. Fifth and bonus thing, make sure you hash tag your updates. Hash tag every update with terms that people can search for to help find that update. People are searching Google Plus just like they search the actual traditional Google search app that you find out on the Internet and they’re using hash tags as a way to find posts that are relevant to the things that they’re interested in.

So those are the four elements of a really good Google Plus update including a fifth bonus reason. I hope that you will come back for more Google Plus Friday Content Warfare videos shots as every Friday we’re going to have new quick information on how to build authority and gain more attention in the Google Plus platform.

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By building out your Google Plus updates and posts in this manner you’ll see a drastic increase in the amount of engagement you receive on each share.

This video is part of new series using the hashtag #googleplusfriday which is dedicated to helping people thrive on Google Plus. Much of the information we begin with will be basic, but as the content library grows we’ll start address deeper topics.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley.

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