How to Google Plus like a Boss

google plus like a boss

Google Plus is a boss’s social network.

Put better, Google Plus is the social media network of leadership…

Leadership – “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task” ~ via Wikipedia

…of thought-leadership,

…of cultural leadership,

…of economic leadership.

Google Plus is a community of leaders, (as described by Mark Traphagen in our podcast discussion), helping each other grow their respective reach and expertise in the topics they pursue.

How to Google Plus like a Boss

chef dennis littleyI’d like to share a case study with you from the Food Blogging industry and specifically the meteoric rise of Chef Dennis Littley. By Chef Dennis’s own admission, food blogging is not, or at least was not a huge community on Google Plus. Nor was Chef Dennis’s blog audience the largest online.

But this didn’t stop Chef Dennis from using Google Plus to grow his follower base to over 350,000 people. Yes, a Food Blogging Chef without a TV show has over 350,000 followers on Google Plus (and I know numbers don’t mean everything, but it’s an impressive accomplishment considering I know for fact he’s done it completely white hat).

Chef Dennis does Google Plus like a Boss…

How did he do it?

He connected with established influencers in both the food blogging industry and Google Plus community by providing them a platform to share their knowledge and expertise with his audience via Google Hangout.

After building up enough connections with influencers throughout Google Plus, Chef Dennis became a creator…

…hosting the First Annual G+ Bloggers Conference over the course of three days via Google Hangouts on topics ranging from SEO to content marketing to social media and podcasting.

In the G+ Bloggers Conference, Chef Dennis brought together all the essential elements to using Google Plus like a Boss:

To effectively grow your Google Plus presence you MUST to some degree embody all three elements. For each of us the mix will vary, but the essential elements remain the same.

The Connector

jesse wojdyloThe Connector knows everyone, think Jesse Wojdylo from Wojdylo Finance, and spends the majority of their time on Google Plus introducing like minded individuals to one another. The Connector is more apt to scroll through their various circles in search of great posts to comment on… using notifications to add relevant thought-leaders of the discussion to add their own voice.

The Connector’s value to Google Plus is their ability to bring separate yet related communities of people together helping to grow the breadth and depth of conversations and in turn growing their own presence on Google Plus, like a boss.

The Influencer

Ronnie BincerThe Influencer knows everything about a topic, think Ronnie Bincer from The Hangout Helper, and spends the majority of their time educating and/or helping fellow members of the Google Plus community. The Influencer builds communities dedicated to their area of expertise and is constantly searching Google Plus through hashtags for conversations on their area of expertise all in an effort to provide more value.

The Influencer’s value to Google Plus is the knowledge and experience they can provide on a given topic. As their influence grows on a topic so does their following on Google Plus, like a boss.

The Creator

Demian FarnworthThe Creator is a little different, think Demian Farnworth from Copyblogger Media. The Creator doesn’t necessary know everyone, nor are they an expert on any one topic. The Creator starts conversations through the sharing of images, articles, videos, quotes and thoughts that inspire discussion. The Creator is apt to be part of many communities, though may not manage or own any, and will build many unique, smaller circles for each one of their interests.

The Creator’s value to Google Plus lies in their ability to consistently share relevant, thought-provoking content with their community and inspire conversation. As the conversations grow, so does The Creator’s following on Google Plus, like a boss.

Like a Boss

When it comes to Google Plus, we all have different goals, different levels of success we’re looking to attain. Regardless of what we’re looking to achieve, success will come from embodying some mix of each The Connector, The Influencer and The Creator.

The mix is up to you… like a boss.

Thank you and Good luck,

I am Ryan Hanley.

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What is your percentage mix of Connector, Influencer and Creator on Google Plus? Which piece of the “Like a Boss” mix do you struggle with the most?