How To Get Important People to Read Your Newsletter

Did you know that I have a Newsletter?  You may have noticed my opt-in form in the sidebar or if you’ve downloaded my Free eBook on Successful Business Blogging then you were automatically signed up.

Well if you didn’t know I have a newsletter, then let this be your official introduction, because I have a newsletter and the truth is, it’s Awesome!

Click on this link for the 2011 Newsletter Archive.  This archive contains a listing of all the newsletters I sent to my subscribers over the course of 2011.  I’m very proud of my newsletter.  I’m probably more proud of my newsletter than I am of this website.  As of writing this post I have over 1,400 subscribers…

To some of you that number might as well be a Million.  Others will scoff at 1,400 subscribers and mutter something under their breathe about “small time.”

Neither opinion matters… And here is why.

The numbers of subscribers you have to your newsletter means nothing (This goes for Twitter Followers and Facebook “Likes” and Linked Connections as well). What matters is Who Reads Your Newsletter!

Who are Important People?

This is the $1,000,000 question… And I literally mean if you get your brain wrapped around this concept it’s conceivable to think you can make a $1,000,000 or at least a significant amount of money by leveraging your product or service and strong relationship with newsletter subscribers.

Important does not mean Popular or Celebrity.  I’d love to have Chris Brogan or Michael Hyatt or Peter Shankman or Ben Affleck  or Dr. Drew or Rep. Ron Paul or Seth Godin or the current presidents of the Big “I” and PIA reading my newsletter… Because it would be Cool!

Unfortunately Cool doesn’t make me money.  Cool doesn’t spread my message of value.

Important People are the people (or businesses if your B2B) that you can help with the product or service you provide.  Important people are the people you are speaking to in the newsletter, the clients and potential clients that will derive value from the information contained within.

Important people are your Audience…

When you boil my newsletter down to the core,  its a Diary on Success.  I have an insatiable desire to learn and put into practice concepts, theories, programs, and processes that help me grow and succeed as both a person and a professional.  Important people to me are people that share that same passion…

Your important people will most likely be completely different from mine and that OK.

Speak to the people that are important to you and to your business.

How Do You Attract More Important People

First read: 5 Reasons I’d Rather Have Newsletter Subscriptions than Gold Coins.

That is an article that I wrote a few months ago and has some good thoughts regarding newsletter subscriptions.

But today we’re talking about not just subscriptions but the right kind of subscriptions, Important People, people who will be interested in our message, can derive value from our product or service and have the potential to become clients.

The first and most obvious step is to make it clear you WANT people to subscribe to your newsletter.  If you don’t have a signup form blatantly visible on your website, blog, Facebook page, etc than how are people supposed to signup?

The second step is ASK!  I’m serious, this is so easy, literally ask people to signup.  But remember we want our specific Important People, not who’s important to someone else, so be clear who you want to signup.

“Ryan wants passionate people interested in success and growing as a person and professional with possible but necessary focus on new technology”

If you fit that bill, Sign Up Here:

Do you see how easy that is.  Ask for Important People (Your particular important people) to sign up.  Ask them… Ask them… No really, ASK THEM to sign up for your newsletter.  That is how you get more important people to sign up for your newsletter, you make it absurdly obvious that you want them to…

The Rub

I am SO Thankful for the people who read my newsletter.

Newsletter subscribers are different than blog visitors (I appreciate and love you too blog visitors) because of the extra layer of onion a newsletter subscriber is allowing you to peel off.  Newsletter subscribers are allowing you into their inbox.  And in today’s world of SPAM mail that is a big deal.

So go now and figure out who your Important People are then ASK them to subscribe. Good Luck!

Thank you.

written by: Ryan Hanley