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How-to Generate Revenue from Inbound Marketing

I can’t get inbound marketing off my brain…

generate revenue inbound marketing…and as I prepared my 6 hour workshop/presentation slides last week for a group of St Louis insurance agents, I realized it’s not the specific strategies of inbound marketing that captivated me but the concepts and theories driving inbound marketing revenue generation.

The Why of Inbound Marketing

You want to know how to generate revenue from inbound marketing?

Understand first, “Why” inbound marketing is helping small business to grow their business exponentially…

The why is very simple:

We are no longer the gatekeepers to our professional expertise. {click to tweet}

The consumers of our products and services can find every piece of information about every aspect of our business Online at any time…

…and the provider that delivers that valuable information is the provider these consumers do business with.

This is why we create content and give it away for free.

Our value proposition as business professionals is no longer expertise, but our ability to seamlessly and strategically guide consumers through the buying process.

This when content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing form like an inbound marketing Voltron that generates an unending source of targeted revenue…

…when we tell the story of our business.  The story of how we guide our clients.

We generate revenue from inbound marketing when we tell the story of our customer experience. {click to tweet}

Take a look through these presentation slides they go deeper…

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How-to Generate Revenue from Inbound Marketing

The secret to inbound marketing is easy… Google search.

Consistent, persistant, targeted content marketing focused on attracting search traffic (this podcast drops a ton of knowledge on search traffic).

How do I know?

Why I am so focused on search traffic?

What about social media?

All I need to know about inbound marketing and where to focus our marketing efforts I learned through my SEO experiment.  Yes, social media is important.  There is no denying the power of social media.

But if you’re looking to consistently generate revenue from your Online activities you MUST focus on driving search traffic and converting that traffic into revenue…

…and it all starts with the story of your customer experience.

I can’t tell you what the customer experience needs to be.

Only you, my friend, can tell that story.

{I may not be able to tell you what your story should be, but I can help you get your story in front of the right people… Sign up for my newsletter here}

Drop Some Knowledge:  How do you tell your story?  Do you agree with me that search should be the primary focus of inbound marketing?

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